Penn and KIPP Celebrate New Partnership

Representatives from the KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) Foundation and the University gathered Oct. 2 to celebrate a partnership that provides Penn with new resources to recruit KIPP students, underwrite their financial aid, and offer them targeted support once they get to campus. The effort is supported by a $2.5 million gift from Martha and Bruce Karsh of Los Angeles.

Citing the core Jewish belief of Tikkun Olam -- that it's everyone's responsibility to heal the world -- President Amy Gutmann thanked the Karshes and said their gift will make Penn a better place for underserved students and encourage their success.

"It's what we're about at Penn," Gutmann said. "Education is absolutely essential to healing the world."

Each year, beginning in 2013-14, Penn will enroll 12-15 KIPP students who meet admissions requirements, forming an even larger KIPP community at Penn that will offer support through college.

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Photos by Scott Spitzer