Penn on iTunes U Providers

A Penn on iTunes U Contributor is an administrator, faculty or staff member at the University of Pennsylvania who has authorization rights to upload and edit tracks in the Penn on iTunes U site.

To apply to be a Penn on iTunes U Contributor, please contact your department's IT Director, or contact

You will need to provide the following information:

  • PennKey (no password)
  • Full Name
  • Full Email Address
  • Department or Office Name
  • Apple ID

Having trouble? View these step-by-step instructions.

Once you are a Contributor, use the link to the right of this page ("Contributors, log in here."). You will need to enter your Apple ID and Password. (Requires Safari.) Authenticating will launch the iTunes Public Site Manager interface in your browser. You will see a list of iTunes U Collections assigned to your Apple ID.

For in-depth instructions on editing and customizing your section, please see the iTunes U Administrators' and Content Contributors' help sections at the iTunes U website (also available for download) and forums:

User Statistics Reports Provided by Apple

Penn on iTunes U Contributors can access user statistics reports provided by Apple. Login here with your PennKey and password to access the user statistics reports: