Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics
2010 HSR Funding Opportunities
Call for Proposals in Health Services Research

LDI is requesting proposals for pilot research, working groups, and innovative small grants in the broad category of health services research. We seek proposals that investigate emerging problems and policy issues in delivery and management of health care, evaluate new approaches in health care organization and financing, or address modifiable determinants of health.

This Call For Proposals is intended to:

  1. stimulate innovative research ideas among the Penn community,
  2. encourage the development of new collaborations between investigators of different backgrounds and disciplines, and
  3. encourage cross-school collaborations.

You can apply for funding using one of three mechanisms of support:

  1. Pilot Project Grants – To provide seed money grants for health services research projects to help Senior Fellows attract external support for large-scale studies. The budget for a pilot project grant will be under $20,000. Proposals submitted under this category should explain clearly how the work will lead to additional external funding, specifying the funding source if possible.
  2. Innovative/High Risk Research Grants – To support unique, novel, and unconventional ideas that have the potential to open new areas and/or develop cutting-edge techniques in health services research. These funds can be used to support projects at an early stage and can be used for data collection, field observation or model development. Preliminary data is not necessary and projects do not have to guarantee success. Risk taking is allowed and even encouraged. Attracting external support for large-scale studies is not necessarily a criterion for this funding. The budget for an innovative grant will be under $20,000.
  3. Working Group Support – To support multidisciplinary working groups of faculty, fellows, and/or doctoral and postdoctoral students to promote ongoing and potential research activities in health services research. In order to qualify for this support, at least five individuals must be named in the proposal from at least two different Penn schools. Funds can be used to support administrative or research staff, and to purchase data or incidentals. Working group support can be a precursor to Pilot or Innovative Grant support. The budget for working group support will be under $10,000

We have a pool of up to $150,000 for this program, and expect pilot project and innovative/high risk research grant budgets to be under $20,000, and working group support budgets to be under $10,000; however, we will make exceptions if warranted. Projects must be completed by December 31, 2011.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria
An LDI Senior Fellow must be the principal investigator in order for a proposal to be considered; however, co-investigators can be non-Senior Fellows. Potential applicants could be young investigators seeking to establish independent directions, or established investigators pursuing new directions. Projects that have already received funding are not eligible under this solicitation.

Proposals will be assessed against the following criteria:
•     Uniqueness and innovativeness of the study
•     Importance of the study
•     Potential for new insights into methodological, ethical and/or policy issues in health services
•     Cross-discipline, cross-school research teams
•     New collaborations
•     Investigative team’s experience and qualifications for conducting the project

Other Requirements
All investigators receiving funds must submit a final report to the Leonard Davis Institute at the end of the funding period. Investigators may also be requested to present their results at a research seminar at LDI. Investigators must acknowledge LDI support on all publications and other products of the program and send copies of all products to LDI.

Use of Grant Funds
Funds may be used to support project staff salaries and benefits, consultant fees, data management, supplies and other direct expenses. Funds may not support faculty or fellow salaries, or travel to meetings to present work. Equipment purchases are discouraged but can be allowed with sufficient justification. No indirect costs are permitted.

How to Apply
LDI Senior Fellows should submit an electronic version of the proposal and one paper copy of the proposal (including signed cover sheet) to LDI. This proposal must contain the following items:

  • A completed, signed paper copy of the LDI Small Grant Program cover sheet. Scroll down or cover sheet. Complete this form online and submit; just prior to submitting, please print a paper copy for signatures.)
  • A project abstract (not to exceed 250 words)
  • A project description (up to four pages, single-spaced) which contains the following information
    A statement of the project’s/working group’s principal objectives, significance and impact
    - A description of the research plan and methodologies to be employed (if relevant)
    - A clear discussion of how the data will be collected (if relevant)
    - A clear discussion of next steps
    - A timetable
  • Project budget that justifies the specific items requested and assigns a priority to each item (not to exceed one page)
  • Principal Investigator’s (PI’s) biosketch with selected relevant publications (not to exceed two pages)
  • Amount of PI’s current research support
  • Other pending proposals for the same project
  • List of PI’s research support received during the past three years
  • Co-Investigators’ biosketch(es) with selected relevant publications (not to exceed two pages)
  • Appendices (if included)

Do not send this proposal to the University Office of Research Services before submitting it to LDI. As a condition of funding, PIs of all approved proposals must submit an affirmative letter from ORS indicating that the project meets all regulatory standards, but these approvals need not be obtained prior to submitting the proposal to LDI.

Applications should be submitted electronically to: levyj@wharton.upenn.edu
One hard copy of the application should be submitted to:
3641 Locust Walk/6218
Attn: Joanne Levy

The deadline for submitting applications is October 18, 2010.
Awards will be announced by December 15, 2010.

For additional information, please contact Joanne Levy by telephone (215) 898-1655, fax (215) 898-0229 or email levyj@wharton.upenn.edu. Visit us on the web at www.upenn.edu/ldi


Name Phone number:
Department Fax number:
Address: E-mail address:
Name: Fax number:
Phone number: E-mail address:
MECHANISM OF SUPPORT (Please select one)
Human subjects or animals?
Radioactive material/radiation producing equipment?
Investigational new drugs or new devices?
Potentially infectious agents, including human blood or tissue?
In vitro formation of recombinant DNA?
Note: As a condition of funding, PIs of all approved proposals must submit a letter from the university office of research administration that all human subjects approvals and other university regulatory requirements have been met for your project, but these approvals should NOT be obtained PRIOR to submitting the proposal to LDI.
SIGNATURES (Paper copy only; prior to submitting online, please print copy to submit with signatures)
Principal Investigator: Date:
Department Chair: Date:

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