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2008-2009 Theme:
Health Care Reform

March 20, 2008
The Honorable Tommy G. Thompson
Founding Chairman, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, Former HHS Secretary
Innovations in Health Care


February 20, 2008
Mark A. Peterson, PhD
Professor of Public Policy and Political Science, UCLA School of Public Affairs
Is This the Era of Health Care Reform? Why This Time is Different from All Other Times

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February 6, 2008
The Honorable Salvatore DiMasi
Former Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives
Massachusetts Health Reform: Lessons for the States

January 9, 2008
Julie Rovner
Health Policy Correspondent, National Public Radio
Health Reform: What's Next?

December 8, 2008
Ben Sasse, PhD
Assistant Secretary of Planning and Evaluation
Department of Health and Human Services Counselor for Policy and Strategic Initiatives to HHS Secretary Michael O. Leavitt
The Politics of Health Reform

November 7, 2008
Special Symposium on Local and State Health Care Reform
Trish Riley, MS
Director, Maine Governor's Office of Health Policy and Finance
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October 14, 2008
Steffie Woolhandler, MD, MPH, FACP
Associate Professor of Medicine, Co-Director of the General Internal Medicine Fellowship Program, Harvard Medical School
Health Care Reform: A Medical Emergency
This event was Co-Sponsored with the Center for Public Health Initiatives

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October 10, 2008
Jonathan Oberlander, PhD
Associate Professor of Health Policy and Management, School of Public Health
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Miracle or Mirage? Health Care Reform and the 2008 Election
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Mitch Katz, MD
Director of Health, City of San Francisco Department of Health

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2007-2008 Theme:
Urban Health

May 9, 2008
Charles C. Leighton, MD, Memorial Lecture
Sara Rosenbaum, JD
Chair; Department of Health Policy; Harold & Jane Hirsh Professor of Health Law and Policy, The George Washington University Medical Center

Is There a Role in National Health Reform for a Policy Response to Health Inequality?

April 11, 2008
Anne Vernez Moudon, Dr. es Sc.
Professor of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Planning; Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology and Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Washington
Urban Health and Urban Design
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April 22, 2008
Donald Schwarz , MD
Named Deputy Mayor of Health and Opportunity and Health Commissioner for the City of Philadelphia.

Addressing Key Health Priorities in the City of Philadelphia

April 25, 2008
John A. Rich, MD, MPH
Former Medical Director, Boston Public Health Commission; Professor; Chair, Dept. of Health Management & Policy
Drexel University School of Public Health
Trauma-Informed Approach to Urban Violence: Practice & Policy

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March 21, 2008
Oliver Fein, MD
Professor of Clinical Public Health in the Department of Public Health at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University
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March 28, 2008
Mary Travis Bassett, MD, MPH
Deputy Commissioner, Division of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
How Can a Local Urban Health Department Tackle Health Disparities?
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February 8, 2008
Mark A. Kelley, MD
Executive Vice President, Henry Ford Health System
Chief Executive Officer, Henry Ford Medical Group
Healthcare in Detroit: A Preview of the Impending National Crisis

February 15, 2008
Rear Admiral Kenneth J. Braithwaite, II
Senior Vice President, Hospital & Health System Association of Pennsylvania Delaware Valley Healthcare Council
Uninsured in America and the Impact on our City, Region and Nation

February 26, 2008
What to do about it? Experts preview the groundbreaking PBS documentary series Unnatural Causes

sponsored by the Penn Health and Society Scholars program, in collaboration with the Center for Public Health Initiatives (CPHI) and the VA Center for Health Equity Research (CHERP).

January 18, 2008
Joshua Sharfstein, MD, MPH
Health Commissioner of the City of Baltimore, Maryland
Urban Health: A Front Row Seat

October 26, 2008
Richard Snyder, MD
Senior Vice President of Health Services, Independence Blue Cross
Patient Adherence to Cardiac Medications: A Dilemma in Search of a Solution
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October 19, 2008
Jonathan E. Fielding, MD, MPH, MBA
Director and Health officer, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services
Urban Health: Public Health Lessons from Los Angeles

October 17-18, 2008
ECRI's 15th Annual Conference
Comparative Effectiveness of Health Interventions: Strategies to Change Policy and Practice

2006-2007 Theme:
Global Health

May 11, 2007
LDI Alumni Faculty Exchange -
Health in the Developing World: Meeting the Challenges

May 4, 2007
Jean De Kervasdoue, PhD
Professor, Pulpit of Economy and Management of the Health Services, National Academy of Arts and Trades
Ecology of mankind, ecology of the planet : convergence or conflict

April 20, 2007
David Paltiel, MD
Associate Professor, Yale School of Medicine
Expanded HIV screening in the United States: Effect on clinical outcomes, HIV transmission, and costs

March 30, 2007
Nils Daulaire, MD, MPH
President and CEO, The Global Health Council
Harnessing Expertise and Advocacy for Improving
Global Health Equity

March 9, 2007
Alexander S. Preker, PhD
Lead Economist for the Health, Nutrition, and Population, The World Bank
Health Financing in Development

March 2, 2007
Samuel P. Martin III, MD, Memorial Lecture
Nicole Lurie, MD, MSPH
Director of the RAND Center for Population Health and Health Disparities; Senior Natural Scientist and Co-Director for Public Health at the Center for Domestic and International Health Security
Involving the private sector in health care disparities: The National Health Plan Collaborative to reduce disparities and improve care

February 23, 2007
Eric Whitaker, MD, MPH
Director, Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)
The Threat to Global Health: HIV on the African Continent

January 19, 2007

Marko Vujicic, PhD
Economist, Human Development Network, The World Bank
Foggy Lens?: An Economist's Take on the Global Health Workforce 'Crisis'

November 8, 2006
12th Annual Thomas Langfitt Jr. Memorial Symposium
Innovative Approaches to Universal Health Coverage: Massachusetts and Beyond

October 13, 2006
Michael E. Porter, PhD
Bishop William Lawrence University Professor, Harvard Business School
Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-Based Competition on Results

October 9, 2006
Gabriel Leung, MD, MPH
Physician, Department of Community Medicine, The University of Hong Kong
Gluttony, Sloth and Death - a Paradox Explained
co sponsored with The John A. Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence (HCGNE)

2005-2006 Health in Context:
The Impact of the Built, Social , and Natural Environment

May 12, 2006
LDI Alumni Faculty Exchange
Health in Context: Impact of the Built, Social, and Natural Environment

May 1, 2006
Samuel P. Martin III, MD, Memorial Lecture

Gary Gottlieb, MD, MBA
President, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Strategic Issues in Management of a Health Care Organization in the Early 21st Century
co-sponsored with the Division of General Internal Medicine (DGIM)

March 31, 2006
Thomas LaVeist, PhD
Professor of Health Policy and Management, Johns Hopkins University
Problems & Prospects for Health Disparities Research
co-sponsored with the Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion (CHERP) and the Center for Population Health and Health Disparities (CPHHD)

March 24, 2006
Ichiro Kawachi, MD, PhD
Professor of Social Epidemiology, Harvard University
Neighborhood Influences on Health:What Do We Need to Know?
co-sponsored with the Center for Population Health and Health Disparities (CPHHD)

February 24, 2006

Jane Golden
Director, Mural Arts Program, City of Philadelphia

February 20, 2006
Derek Yach, MBChB, MPH
Professor and Head, Division of Global Health, Yale School of Public Health
Challenges to How We Define Priorities in Global Health

anuary 20, 2006
Robert C. Long Memorial Lecture in Mental Health Services Research
Ronald D. Stall, PhD, MPH
Director, Multidisciplinary Master of Public Health (MMPH) Program; Professor, Behavioral and Community Health Sciences, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health
Health Disparities, Syndemics and Gay Men's Health
co-sponsored with the Center for Mental Health Policy and Services Research (CMHPSR)

January 13, 2006
Honorable William Winkenwerder, MD, MBA
Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs
Military Medicine: A Critical Component of United States National Security

December 9, 2005
Gary Evans, PhD
Professor of Design and Environmental Analysis, College of Human Ecology, Cornell University

Environmental Stress: The Role of the Physical Environment in Human Psychological Well-Being
co-sponsored with the Firearm & Injury Center at Penn (FICAP)

November 29, 2005
11th Annual Thomas W. Langfitt, Jr., Memorial Health Policy Symposium
Consumer-Directed Healthcare: Where Will This Road Take Us?

November 14, 2005
Sir Michael Marmot, MBBS, MPH, PhD
Director, International Centre for Health and Society; Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health; Chairman, Commission on Social Determinants of Health; University College London
Status and Health: Causal Pathways
co-sponsored with the Population Studies Center (PSC)

November 2-3, 2005
ECRI's 2005 Chronic Pain Conference
Chronic Pain as a Health System Priority: How Evidence Could Inform Policy and Practice

October 26, 2005
Symposium co-sponsored with Institute on Aging
Living Longer and Paying the Price? Healthcare Costs and Longevity in America

2004-2005 Theme:
Linking Health Services Research, Policy and Practice

May 13, 2005
Alumni-Faculty Exchange Panel Discussion

April 22
, 2005
James Tallon, Jr.

President of the United Hospital Fund of New York
A Legislator's Perspective on the Role of Health Services Research in Shaping Uninsured and Medicaid Policy

April 21, 2005

Undergraduate Health Care Policy and Management Club
William M. Sage, MD, JD
Professor, Columbia Law School
Getting to Malpractice Reform

April 8, 2005

Samuel P. Martin III, MD, Memorial Lecture

David J. Brailer, M.D., Ph.D.
National Health Information Technology Coordinator, US Department of Health and Human Services
Scientific research on the value of health IT: Do you have to believe it to see it?

April 7, 2005
Christine K. Cassel, MD

President, American Board of Internal Medicine
Medicare Matters: Healthcare, Aging and the Social Contract

February 11, 2005
Sean R. Tunis, MD, MSc.

Chief Medical Officer, CMS & Director, Office of Clinical Standards & Quality
Medicare and Medical Technology Policy

January 28, 2005
Charles C. Leighton, MD, Memorial Lecture
Carolyn Clancy, M.D.
Director, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), Department of Health and Human Services

December 3, 2004
John Lavis, MD

Canada Research Chair in Knowledge Transfer and Uptake and Assistant Professor, McMaster University
Enhancing the Uptake of Research Knowledge in Health Policy

November 12, 2004
Lynn Etheredge
On The Archeology and Future of National Health Care Policy: Periods and Paradigms, 1975-2005

October 26-28, 2004
ECRI's 12th Annual Conference on Using Evidence in Practice and in Public and Private Policymaking:
Preventing and Treating Overweight and Obesity: How Effective are the Interventions?

September 10, 2004
Cyber Seminar: Disseminating Research Results for Policymakers:

Consumer-Driven Health Plans: Potential, Pitfalls, and Policy Issues

2003-2004 Theme:
The Economics and Politics of Employer-Sponsored Health Care

May 14, 2004
Alumni-Faculty Exchange Panel Discussion
The Economics and Politics of Employer-Sponsored Health Care

April 30, 2004
Robert S. Galvin, M.D.
Director, Global Health Care, General Electric
Update in Employer-Based Health Coverage: An Active Marketplace Returns

April 20, 2004
P. Roy Vagelos, M.D.
Retired Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Merck & Co., Inc, and author of Medicine, Science, and Merck
The Past and Future of the Pharmaceutical/Biotech Industry

April 16, 2004
Samuel P. Martin III, MD, Memorial Lecture
Raynard S. Kington, M.D., Ph.D.

Deputy Director, National Institutes of Health
Managing the Scientific Process

March 26, 2004
John M. Bertko, F.S.A., M.A.A.A.
Vice President and Chief Actuary, Humana
Risk Segmentation in Consumer-Directed Health Plans

February 27, 2004
Andrew Webber
President and CEO, National Business
Coalition on Health Can Employers Drive Value-Based Purchasing?

February 13, 2004
Charles C. Leighton, MD, Memorial Lecture
Humphrey Taylor
Chairman, The Harris Poll®, Harris Interactive
Health Care Policy: The Issues We Should Be Debating

November 21, 2003
Kate R. Sullivan, M.H.S.A.
Director of Health Care Policy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Critical Issues in Health Coverage: The Challenge for Small Employers

November 7, 2004
Gerald M. Shea
Assistant to the President for Government Affairs, AFL-CIO
Quality Purchasing: A Strategy to Constrain Health Costs

October 3, 2003
Mark A. Kelley, M.D.
Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Henry Ford Health System; Chief Executive Officer, Henry Ford Medical Group
Will Health Costs Bury American Manufacturing? A Report from Detroit

2002-2003 Theme:
How Can We Afford Prescription Drugs in the US? Cost, Quality, and Access

May 16, 2003
Alumni Faculty Exchange

How Can We Afford Prescription Drugs in the US? Cost, Quality, and Access

April 18, 2003
The Sam Martin Lecture: Reed V. Tuckson, M.D.
Sr. Vice President, Consumer Health & Medical Care Advancement
UnitedHealth Group
Essential Prescription Drugs: Evidence, Cost Effectiveness, Innovation and Clinical Practice

March 26, 2003
David R. Williams
Senior Research Scientist, Harold W. Cruse Collegiate Professor of Sociology, University of Michigan, Institute for Social Research
Race, Racism and Health: Evidence and Needed Research

February 21, 2003
Jack Rowe, MD
Chairman and CEO, Aetna Inc.
New Health Plan Strategies for Containing Medical Costs

January 24, 2003
Alan Holmer
President and Chief Executive Officer, PhRMA
How Can We Not Afford Prescription Drugs? -- The Value of New Medicines

December 2, 2002
Thomas A. Scully, JD
Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, HHS
The Bush Administration's Vision: How Can We Afford Prescription Drugs in America? Cost, Quality, and Access

2001-2002 Theme:
Vulnerable Populations in American Health Care

October 18, 2002
Leighton Lecture: Eve Slater, MD
Assistant Secretary for Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Fostering Innovation in Medicine and Research

May 10, 2002
Alumni-Faculty Exchange Program:
Toward Health Equity

April 26, 2002
The Sam Martin Lecture:
Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, MBA
Senior Vice President and Director, Health Care Group

Unequal Treatment: Confronting Racial & Ethnic Disparities in Health Car

April 18, 2002
AHRQ Conference
Keeping Health Care Quality on the Policy Agenda

March 8, 2002
Judy Feder, PhD
Dean of Public Policy, Georgetown Public Policy Institute
Georgetown University
The Challenge of Expanding Health Insurance Coverage: Policy and Politics

February 8, 2002
"The Uninsured - Past Trends, What's Next?"
Jack C. Ebeler
President and CEO
Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP)

January 25, 2002
"What's to be Done about the Uninsured?"
Charles N. Kahn, MPH
The Federation of American Hospitals

December 7, 2001
"Nurses Assuring Quality Care for all Populations"
Mary E. Foley, RN, MS
The American Nurses Association (ANA)

November 9, 2001
2001 Charles C. Leighton, MD, Memorial Lecture
Vulnerable Populations in America Health Care
Estelle Richman
Director of Social Services for the City of Philadelphia

July 13, 2001
Regional Minority Health Conference
"Current Opportunities and Trends in Health Research for a Diverse America"
(co-spronsored by LDI)

2000-2001 Theme:
From e-Commerce to e-HealthCare: The Challenges of the New Economy

May 18, 2001
Alumni-Faculty Exchange Program:
From e-Commerce to e-Health Care: The Challenges of the New Economy

May 11, 2001
"Data Mining in 3-D Medical Image Databases"
Rich Cleland, JD
Director of Health Communication, Bureau of Consumer Protection
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

May 7, 2001
The Samuel Martin III, MD, Memorial Lecture: "Tobacco Wars"
David Kessler, MD
Dean, Yale University School of Medicine

April 6, 2001
"From e-Commerce To e-Healthcare: Characteristics Of A Thriving Exception"
Vip Patel, MBA
Chairman of the Board

February 16, 2001
"Principles and Opportunities in e-Health"
Ray Fabius, MD
Chief Medical Officer

January 26, 2001
"The Rise and Fall and (?) of E-Healthcare"
Mitchell J. Blutt, MD, MBA
Executive Partner
J.P. Morgan Partners, LLC

1999-2000 Theme:
Managed Care: The Next Generation

May 19, 2000
Alumni Faculty Exchange:
"Managed Care - The Next Generation: Upheaval in Philadelphia"

April 7, 2000
The Future of Managed Care
Karen Ignagni
President and CEO
American Association of Health Plans

March 14, 2000
Voltage Drop to Quality:
Transforming Insurance into Quality Care

John M. Eisenberg, M.D., M.B.A.
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

March 3, 2000
The Future of Medicare
Gail R. Wilensky, PhD
John M. Olin Senior Fellow, Project Hope
Chair, Medicare Payment Advisory Commission

February 29, 2000
Fifth Annual Thomas Langfitt Jr. Memorial Symposium
Physician Unionization:
How Will the AMA's New Policy Alter Health Care in the Future?

January 28, 2000
Can Managed Care Be Managed?
Lawrence Brown, Ph.D.,
Professor of Public Health and Policy, School of Public Policy, Columbia University

December 17, 1999
The Power of Information and Technology to Improve Outcomes
Alan Weber, M.B.A.
Vice Chair, Strategy and Finance and CFO, AETNA

November 23, 1999
Managed Care-Next Generation:  Panel Discussion
Secretary Donna E. Shalala, Ph.D.
U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services
Department of Health and Human Services

November 19, 1999
What Will the New Leaders Be Leading?
James Ehlen, M.D.
Co-Founder of the Allina Health System

November 4-5, 1999
Conflict and Change: How Quality Enters the Coverage Decision
ECRI Health Technology Assessment Information Service Conference
(Cosponsored by: LDI & California HealthCare Foundation)

October 22, 1999
Managed Care and Public Health: Bridging the Divide
The Sam Martin Lecture:
Robert K. Ross, M.D.
Director, San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency
Cosponsored by Division of General Internal Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Health System

September 23,1999
From Adolescence to Mature Adulthood: Thoughts on Managed Care Backlash
The Charles C. Leighton, MD Memorial Lecture:  Uwe Reinhardt, Ph.D.

James Madison Professor of Political Economy, Professor of Economics & Public Affairs
Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University

1998-1999 Theme:
The Future of Government-Organized Healthcare

April 30, 1999
Reinventing Government-Provided Health Care: The 'New VA'
Kenneth Kizer, M.D., M.P.H.
Under Secretary for Health, Veteran Health Administration

April 23, 1999
Medicare: Where We Are and Where We Are Going?
Nancy-Ann Min DeParle
Administrator, Health Care Financing Administration, Department of Health and Human Services

March 19,1999
The Future of Medicare
Stuart H. Altman, Ph.D.
Director, The Institute for Health Policy, Sol Chaikin Professor of National Health Policy
The Heller School, Brandeis University

February 12, 1999
Eliminating Race/Ethnicity Disparities in Health:  Government as Catalyst? Government as Partner?
Nicole Lurie, M.D., M.S.P.H.
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health
Department of Health and Human Services

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