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Accomodating Medical School Faculty with Disabilities
by Steinberg, A. Iezzoni, L. Conill, A. Stineman, M. 8(4) Dec 02/Jan 03

Adherence to HIV Drug Therapy
by Gross, R. 8(3): 2002

Firearm Injury in America
by Schwab, C. Richmond, T. Dunfey, M. 8(2): 2002

Needlestick Injuries to Nurses, in Context
by Clarke, S. Sloane, D. Aiken, L. 8(1): 2002

Living with Dementia: Caregiver Perspectives
by Karlawish, J. 7(8): 2002

Tensions in Antibiotic Prescribing
by Metlay, J. 7(7): 2002

The Risk of Injury to Children in Compact Pickup Trucks
by Winston, F. Durbin, D. 7(6): 2002

Supportive Housing for Homeless People with Severe Mental Illness
by Culhane, D. Hadley, T. and Metreaux S. 7(5): 2002

The Effects of Medicare Payment Subsidies to Teaching Hospitals
by Nicholson, S. 7(4): 2002

Improving Handwashing in Hospitals: A Patient Education and Empowerment Program
by McGuckin, M. 7(3): 2001

From Hospital to Drugstore: Insurance and the Shift to Outpatient Care
by Danzon, P. and Pauly, M. 7(2): 2001

State Helmet Laws and Motorcycle Rider Death Rates
by Branas, C. and Knudson, M. 7(1): 2001

Connections Between AIDS and Homelessness
by Culhane, D. and Gollub, E. 6(9): 2001

Cause for Concern: Nurses' Reports of Hospital Care in Five Countries
by Aiken, L. Clarke, S. Sloane, D. Sochalski, J. 6(8): 2001

Does Managed Care Gatekeeping Affect African Americans' Access to Emergency Care?
by Lowe R. 6(7): 2001

When Data Conflict with Practice: Rethinking the Use of Prophylactic Antibiotics before Dental Treatment by Strom B. 6(6): 2001

Comparing VA and Non-VA Health Care: the Case of Post-Stroke Rehabilitation
by Stineman, M. and Asch, D. 6(5): 2001

Community Benefits: How Do For-Profit and Nonprofit Hospitals Measure up?
by Nicholson, and Pauly, M. 6(4): 2001

How Managed Care Growth Affects Where Physicians Locate Their Practices by Polsky, D and Escarce, J. 6(3): 2000

Anesthesiologist Direction and Patient Outcomes by Silber, J. 6(2): 2000

To the Rescue: Optimally Locating Trauma Hospitals and Helicopters by Branas, C. ReVelle, C. and MacKenzie, E. 6(1): 2000

When "Buckle Up" Is Not Enough: Enhancing the Safety of Children in Motor Vehicles by Winston, F. and Durbin, D. 5(9): 2000

Physician Responses to the Marketplace: Group Practices and Hospital Alliances by Burns, L.  5(8): 2000

Children's Mental Health: Recommendations for Research, Practice and Policy by Steinberg, A. Gadomski, A. and Wilson, M. 5(7): 2000

Genetic Testing for Breast and Ovarian Cancer: Implications for Life Insurance by Lemaire, J. Subramanian, K. and Asch, D. 5(6): 2000

Lessons from the Allegheny Bankruptcy by Burns, L. 5(5): 2000

Violent Injuries Among Women in an Urban Area by Grisso, J. and Schwarz, D. 5(4): 2000

Sale of Prescription Drugs Over the Internet by Armstrong, K. and Bloom, B. 5(3): 1999

Managed Competition: Lessons from Britain by Light, D 5(2): 1999

Organization and Outcomes of Inpatient AIDS Care by Aiken, L 5(1): 1999

Colorectal Cancer Screening with Sigmoidoscopy: Primary Care Issues by Lewis, J. 4(2): 1999

Financial Incentives and Drug Spending in Managed Care by Hillman, A. 4(1): 1999

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