University of Pennsylvania Health Economist
starts term as Senior Adviser on Presidential Council
Daniel Polsky associate professor of medicine and health care systems in the School of Medicine and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania has been invited to serve a one-year stint in Washington, D.C. as a senior health economist advising members of President Bush's Council of Economic Advisors (CEA).

Polsky, 41 will be one of eight senior staff economists advising the three-member council on specific sectors of the economy. His role will be to furnish studies and recommendations with respect to matters of federal health policy and legislation as the President may request. During his term, which begins July 23, he will be on leave from his position at U Penn.

The CEA was established by the Employment Act of 1946 to provide the president with objective economic analysis and advice on the development and implementation of a wide range of domestic and international economic policy issues. The CEA is a unique body within the Executive Office of the President in that it is staffed by academics and therefore, has a role of providing objective economic analysis rather than serving any direct political function.

Polsky's research interests are in health policy, particularly relating to health insurance and the valuation of medical technology. This leave will give him an opportunity to get a new perspective on his research by observing and participate in the policy-making process during a time when health care policy is at the top of the national agenda.

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