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The Issue Brief series is one of the activities underway by the LDI Health Policy Program to provide health care decision makers with the results of timely relevant health services research. Issue Briefs are sent out and posted to this site approximately once a month.

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Preventing Sudden Death: Implantable Cardioverter-Difibrillators in Elderly Cardiac Patients
by Groeneveld, P., May/June 2008

Hospital Performance Measures and Quality of Care
by Werner, R., Bradlow, E., Asch, D., March/April 2008

Voting by Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment
by Karlawish, J., February 2008

The Shape of Things to Come: Obesity, Aging, and Disability
by Alley, D., Chang, V., Doshi, J., January 2008

Predicting and Monitoring Antiretroviral Adherence
by Gross, R., November/December 2007

A Wake-Up Call: Quality of Care After Resident Duty Hour Reform
by Volpp, K. Silber, J.
September/October 2007

Beyond “Sicko”— Thoughts on Health System Reform

by Aiken, L. Caplan, A. Grande, D. Pauly, M. Rosoff A. Summer 2007

Reducing Firearm Injury: Lessons from Brazil

by Macinko, J. Marinho de Souza, M. June 2007

Medical Migration to the U.S.: Trends and Impact
by Polsky, D. Sochalski, J. Aiken, L Cooper, R. April/May 2007

Flu-How Health Affects Small Business in South Africa
by Chao, L. Pauly, M. March 2007

Time Under: Hospital and Patient Characteristics Affecting Anesthesia Duration
by Silber, J. February 2007

Flu-Related Hospitalizations in Children
by Keren, R. Coffine, S. Zaoutis, T. December 2006/January 2007

Lower Nicotine Cigarettes May Not Lower Harm
by Lerman, C. Strasser, A. Cappella, J. October/November 2006

Genetic Counseling and Testing for Breast Cancer Risk in African Americans

by Hughes Halbert, S. September 2006

Reacting to Antibiotic Allergies
by Apter, A. Strom, B., Summer 2006

Helping Smokers Quit Through Pharmacogenetics
by Lerman, C. May/June 2006

Preparing for the Next Natural Disaster: Learning from Katrina

by Kunreuther, H. March 2006/April 2006

Antibiotics, Acne, and Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
by Margolis, D. February 2006

Understanding and Improving Hospice Enrollment
by Casarett, D. December 2005/January 2006

The Effect of Firearm Deaths on Life Expectancy and Insurance Premiums in the United States
by Lemaire, J. October/November 2005

No Time to Spare: Improving Access to Trauma Care
by Branas, C. September 2005

How Primary Care Practice Affects Medicaid Patients’ Use of Emergency Services
by Lowe, R. Summer 2005

How Primary Care Practice Affects Medicaid Patients’ Use of Emergency Services
by Lowe, R. Summer 2005

Genetics, Disparities and Prostate Cancer
by Rebbeck, T. D. May/June 2005

Child Neurology: Workforce and Practice Characteristics

by Polsky, D. April 2005

Computerized Physician Order Entry Systems: The Right Prescription?
by R. Koppel, J.P. Metlay, A. Cohen, B. Abaluck, A.R. Localio, S.E. Kimmel, B.L. Strom. March 05

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Personal Preference or Low Cost Option
by José A. Pagán, PhD and Mark V. Pauly, PhD

Racial Disparities in Cardiac Care: Geography Matters
by Groeneveld, P. Dec. 04/Jan 05

Public Spending on Elders and Children: The Gap is Growing
by Pati, S. Keren, R. Alessandri, E. and Schwarz, D.

Trauma Center-Community Partnerships to Address Firearm Injury: It Can Be Done
by Richmond, T. Branas, and C. Schwab, W. October 04

Transitional Care for Older Adults: A Cost Effective Model
by Naylor M. April/May 04

Professional and public attitudes toward incentives for organ donation
by Jasper, J. and Asch, D. March 04

The New Medicare Drug Benefit: Much Ado About Little
by Pauly, M. January/February 04

Hospital Nurse Straffing, Education and Patient Mortality
by Aiken, L. Clarke, S. Silber, J., Sloane, D. 9(2) October 03

The Ineffectiveness of Retrospective Drug Utilization Review
by Hennessy, S. Strom, B. 9(1) September 03

How Physicians React to Cost-Effectiveness Information
by Asch, D. Hershey, J. Ubel, P. 8(9) Summer 03

Guns in the Home: Risky Business
by Wiebe, D. 8(8) May 03
Market Reform in New Jersey and Quality of Care: A Cautionary Tale
by Volpp, K. Williams, S. and Pauly, M. 8(7) Apr 03

Gatekeeping and Children's Health Care Costs
by Pati, S. 8(6) Mar 03
"False Alarm" Mammography Results - How Do Women React?
by Kahn, B. and Luce, M. 8(5) Feb 03

Accomodating Medical School Faculty with Disabilities
by Steinberg, A. Iezzoni, L. Conill, A. Stineman, M. 8(4) Dec 02/Jan 03

Adherence to HIV Drug Therapy
by Gross, R. 8(3): 2002

Firearm Injury in America

by Schwab, C. Richmond, T. Dunfey, M. 8(2): 2002

Needlestick Injuries to Nurses, in Context

by Clarke,S. Sloane, D. Aiken, L.; 8(1): 2002

Living with Dementia: Caregiver Perspectives

by Karlawish, J. 7(7): 2002

Tensions in Antibiotic Prescribing

by Metlay, J. 7(7): 2002

The Risk of Injury to Children in Compact Pickup Trucks

by Winston, F. Durbin, D. 7(6): 2002

Supportive Housing for Homeless People with Severe Mental Illness

by Culhane, D. Hadley, T. and Metreaux S. 7(5): 2002

The Effects of Medicare Payment Subsidies to Teaching Hospitals by Nicholson, S 7(4): 2002 Improving Handwashing in Hospitals: A Patient Education and Empowerment Program by McGuckin, M. 7(3): 2001

From Hospital to Drugstore: Insurance and the Shift to Outpatient Care by Danzon, P. and Pauly, M. 7(2): 2001

State Helmet Laws and Motorcycle Rider Death Rates by Branas, C. and Knudson, M. 7(1): 2001

Connections Between AIDS and Homelessness by Culhane, D. and Gollub, E. 6(9): 2001

Cause for Concern: Nurses' Reports of Hospital Care in Five Countries by Aiken, L. Clarke, S. Sloane, D. Sochalski, J. 6(8): 2001

Does Managed Care Gatekeeping Affect African Americans' Access to Emergency Care? by Lowe R. 6(7): 2001

When Data Conflict with Practice: Rethinking the Use of Prophylactic Antibiotics before Dental Treatment by Strom B. 6(6): 2001

Comparing VA and Non-VA Health Care: the Case of Post-Stroke Rehabilitation by Stineman, M. and Asch, D. 6(5): 2001

Community Benefits: How Do For-Profit and Nonprofit Hospitals Measure up? by Nicholson, and Pauly, M. 6(4): 2001

How Managed Care Growth Affects Where Physicians Locate Their Practices by Polsky, D and Escarce, J. 6(3): 2000

Anesthesiologist Direction and Patient Outcomes by Silber, J. 6(2): 2000

To the Rescue: Optimally Locating Trauma Hospitals and Helicopters by Branas, C. ReVelle, C. and MacKenzie, E. 6(1): 2000

When "Buckle Up" Is Not Enough: Enhancing the Safety of Children in Motor Vehicles by Winston, F. and Durbin, D. 5(9): 2000

Physician Responses to the Marketplace: Group Practices and Hospital Alliances by Burns, L. 5(8): 2000

Children's Mental Health: Recommendations for Research, Practice and Policy by Steinberg, A. Gadomski, A. and Wilson, M. 5(7): 2000

Genetic Testing for Breast and Ovarian Cancer: Implications for Life Insurance by Lemaire, J. Subramanian, K. and Asch, D. 5(6): 2000

Lessons from the Allegheny Bankruptcy by Burns, L. 5(5): 2000

Violent Injuries Among Women in an Urban Area by Grisso, J. and Schwarz, D. 5(4): 2000

Sale of Prescription Drugs Over the Internet by Armstrong, K. and Bloom, B. 5(3): 1999

Managed Competition: Lessons from Britain by Light, D 5(2): 1999

Organization and Outcomes of Inpatient AIDS Care by Aiken, L 5(1): 1999

Colorectal Cancer Screening with Sigmoidoscopy: Primary Care Issues by Lewis, J. 4(2): 1999

Financial Incentives and Drug Spending in Managed Care by Hillman, A. 4(1): 1999

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The newsletter includes links to our latest Issue Brief, which highlights the policy implications of recently published research by LDI Senior Fellows, as well as the summaries of previous seminars and announcements of upcoming events. We hope you enjoy this monthly newsletter, and welcome your comments.

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