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The LDI runs two seminar series - the Health Policy Seminar Series and the Research Seminar Series. Below, is an archived list of our seminars.

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Health Policy Serminars

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2008-2009 Theme: Health Policy Reform

The Honorable Tommy G. Thompson
Founding Chairman, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, Former HHS Secretary
Innovations in Health Care

Mark A. Peterson, PhD
Professor of Public Policy and Political Science, UCLA School of Public Affairs
Is This the Era of Health Care Reform? Why This Time is Different from All Other Times

The Honorable Salvatore DiMasi
Former Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives
Massachusetts Health Reform: Lessons for the States

Julie Rovner
Health Policy Correspondent, National Public Radio
Health Reform: What's Next?

Ben Sasse, PhD
Assistant Secretary of Planning and Evaluation
Department of Health and Human Services Counselor for Policy and Strategic Initiatives to HHS Secretary Michael O. Leavitt
The Politics of Health Reform

Trish Riley, MS
Special Symposium on Local and State Health Care Reform

Director, Maine Governor's Office of Health Policy and Finance
Riley Slides

Steffie Woolhandler, MD, MPH, FACP
Associate Professor of Medicine, Co-Director of the General Internal Medicine Fellowship Program, Harvard Medical School
Health Care Reform: A Medical Emergency
This event was Co-Sponsored with the Center for Public Health Initiatives

Jonathan Oberlander, PhD
Associate Professor of Health Policy and Management, School of Public Health
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Miracle or Mirage? Health Care Reform and the 2008 Election
Oberlander Slides

Archived Health Policy Seminars 1998-2008:

2008-2009 Policy Seminar Theme: Health Policy Reform

2007-2008 Policy Seminar Theme: Urban Health

2006-2007 Policy Seminar Theme: Global Health

2005-2006 Policy Seminar Them: The Impact of the Built, Social , and Natural Environment

2004-2005 Policy Seminar Theme: Linking Health Services Research, Policy and Practice

2003-2004 Policy Seminar Theme: The Economics and Politics of Employer-Sponsored Health Care

2002-2003 Policy Seminar Theme: How Can We Afford Prescription Drugs in the US? Cost, Quality, and Access

2001-2002 Policy Seminar Theme: Vulnerable Populations in American Health Care

From e-Commerce to e-HealthCare: The Challenges of the New Economy

Managed Care: The Next Generation

The Future of Government-Organized Healthcare



Sherry Glied, PhD
Department Chair, Health Policy and Management, Professor of Health Policy Management, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University
The Effects of the Tax Treatment of Health Insurance on Expenditures

Ingrid Binswanger, MD, MPH
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Meredith Rosenthal, PhD
Associate Professor of Health Economics and Policy, Department of Health Policy and Management, Harvard School of Public Health
The Primary Care "Medical Home": The Foundation for a Reformed Health Care Delivery System

Tom McGuire, PhD
Professor of Health Economics, Department of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School
Who Belongs in Managed Care? Using Premium Policy to Achieve an Efficient Assignment in Medicare

Lorens Helmchen, PhD
Assistant Professor, School of Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago
Does Voluntary Disclosure of Medical Errors Prompt or Prevent Medical Malpractice Suits?

Allison Beth Rosen, MD, MPH, ScD
Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine and Health Management & Policy
Clinical Director, Center for Value-Based Insurance Design
University of Michigan
Value-Based Insurance Design: Restoring Health to the Health Care Cost Debate

Eric Campbell, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Industry Relationships in Medicine and Research

Joseph J. Doyle, Jr., PhD
Associate Professor, Applied Economics, MIT Sloan School of Economics
Returns to Local-Area Emergency Health Care Spending: Using Health Shocks to Patients Far From Home
Co-sponsored with the Health Care Management Department, Wharton School

Wesley Yin, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Chicago
Insurer Bargaining and Negotiated Pharmacy Drug Prices in Medicare Part D
Co-sponsored with the Health Care Management Department, Wharton School

Douglas R. Wholey, MBA, PhD
Visiting Professor, National Primary Care Research and Development Center, University of Manchester
Work and Talk: Work Groups and Informal Consulting
Co-sponsored with the Health Care Management Department, Wharton School

Jonathan Kolstad, PhD
Interdepartmental Program in Health Policy, Harvard University
Information and Quality when Motivation is Intrinsic: Evidence from Surgeon Report Cards
Co-sponsored with the Health Care Management Department, Wharton School

Amanda Kowalski, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Health and Aging
National Bureau of Economic Research Censored Quantile Instrumental Variable Estimates of the Price Elasticity of Expenditure on Medical Care
Co-sponsored with the Health Care Management Department, Wharton School

Nolan H. Miller, PhD
Associate Professor of Public Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Giffen Behavior, Subsistence Consumption and Nutrition
Co-sponsored with the Health Care Management Department, Wharton School

Robert S. Huckman, PhD
Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
Co-Sponsored with the Health Care Management Department

Aaron Kesselheim, MD, JD, MPH
Instructor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Medical Innovation, Patents and Public Health: Can We Reach a Proper Balance?

Robert J. Town, PhD
Associate Professor and Director MS-HSRP&A, Health Policy & Management, University of Minnesota
Adverse Selection, Welfare and the Optimal Pricing of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans
Co-sponsored with the Health Care Management Department, Wharton School

Robert Kaestner, PhD
Professor, Department of Economics, University of Illinois at Chicago
Health Insurance and Ex Ante Moral Hazard: Evidence from Medicare

Mireille Jacobson, PhD
Assistant Professor of Planning, Policy and Design and Economics
What is the Mission of a Not-for-Profit Hospital? Evidence from California's Seismic Retrofit Mandate
Co-sponsored with the Health Care Management Department, Wharton School

Gerard Pouvourville, PhD
Professor, Chair of Health Economics and Management, ESSEC Business School

M. Kate Bundorf, MBA, MPH, PhD
Assistant Professor of Health Research and Policy and CHP/PCOR Fellow, Stanford University
Do Markets Respond to Quality Information? The Case of Fertility Clinics?

John Kastor, MD
Professor of Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine
Selling Teaching Hospitals and Practice Plans: George Washington & Georgetown Universites

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