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The LDI runs two seminar series - the Health Policy Seminar Series and the Research Seminar Series. Below, is an archived list of our seminars.

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Health Policy Serminars

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2007-2008 Theme: Urban Health

Charles C. Leighton, MD, Memorial Lecture
Sara Rosenbaum, JD
Chair; Department of Health Policy; Harold & Jane Hirsh Professor of Health Law and Policy, The George Washington University Medical Center

Is There a Role in National Health Reform for a Policy Response to Health Inequality?


Anne Vernez Moudon, Dr. es Sc.
Professor of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Planning; Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology and Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Washington
Urban Health and Urban Design
Moudon BioMoudon Slides

Donald Schwarz , MD
Named Deputy Mayor of Health and Opportunity and Health Commissioner for the City of Philadelphia.

Addressing Key Health Priorities in the City of Philadelphia

John A. Rich, MD, MPH
Former Medical Director, Boston Public Health Commission; Professor; Chair, Dept. of Health Management & Policy
Drexel University School of Public Health
Trauma-Informed Approach to Urban Violence: Practice & Policy

Rich Bio

Oliver Fein, MD
Professor of Clinical Public Health in the Department of Public Health at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Fein Bio

Mary Travis Bassett, MD, MPH
Deputy Commissioner, Division of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
How Can a Local Urban Health Department Tackle Health Disparities?
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Mark A. Kelley, MD
Executive Vice President, Henry Ford Health System
Chief Executive Officer, Henry Ford Medical Group
Healthcare in Detroit: A Preview of the Impending National Crisis
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Rear Admiral Kenneth J. Braithwaite, II
Senior Vice President, Hospital & Health System Association of Pennsylvania Delaware Valley Healthcare Council
Uninsured in America and the Impact on our City, Region and Nation
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What to do about it? Experts preview the groundbreaking PBS documentary series Unnatural Causes
sponsored by the Penn Health and Society Scholars program, in collaboration with the Center for Public Health Initiatives (CPHI) and the VA Center for Health Equity Research (CHERP).

Joshua Sharfstein, MD, MPH
Health Commissioner of the City of Baltimore, Maryland
Urban Health: A Front Row Seat


October 26, 2008
Richard Snyder, MD
Senior Vice President of Health Services, Independence Blue Cross
Patient Adherence to Cardiac Medications: A Dilemma in Search of a Solution
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Jonathan E. Fielding, MD, MPH, MBA
Director and Health officer, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services
Urban Health: Public Health Lessons from Los Angeles
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ECRI's 15th Annual Conference
Comparative Effectiveness of Health Interventions: Strategies to Change Policy and Practice

Archived Health Policy Seminars 1998-2007:

2008-2009 Policy Seminar Theme: Health Policy Reform

2006-2005 Policy Seminar Theme: Global Health

2005-2006 Policy Seminar Them: The Impact of the Built, Social , and Natural Environment

2004-2005 Policy Seminar Theme: Linking Health Services Research, Policy and Practice

2003-2004 Policy Seminar Theme: The Economics and Politics of Employer-Sponsored Health Care

2002-2003 Policy Seminar Theme: How Can We Afford Prescription Drugs in the US? Cost, Quality, and Access

2001-2002 Policy Seminar Theme: Vulnerable Populations in American Health Care

From e-Commerce to e-HealthCare: The Challenges of the New Economy

Managed Care: The Next Generation

The Future of Government-Organized Healthcare



LDI Alumni Faculty Exchange
Urban Health: Issues and Actions


Janet Currie, PhD, MA
Chair and Professor of Economics
Department of Economics, Columbia University
Child Health and Academic Success: Is There a Connection?


W. David Bradford, PhD
Professor of Health Administration & Policy, Department of Health Administration and Policy, Medical University of South Carolina
The Effect of Direct to Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising on Consumer Health Behaviors: the Case of Vioxx and Celebrex

cal Bradford Slides

Howard Markel, MD, PhD
George Edward Wantz Distinguished Professor of the History of Medicine, Professor of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases, Health Management and Policy and Psychiatry; Director of the Center for the History of Medicine, University of Michigan

Catching the Flu: Applying Lessons from the Influenza Pandemic of 1918-19 to Public Health Strategies in the 21st Century


David A. Hyman, JD, MD
Richard W. and Marie L. Corman Professor; Director, Epstein Program in Health Law and Policy, University of Illinois College of Law

Estimating The Effect of Damage Caps in Medical Malpractice Cases: Evidence from Texas


Dale W. Bratzler, DO, MPH
QIOSC Medical Director, Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality

Medicare QIO Program: Researching Pay for Performance


Larry Casalino, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Health Studies
University of Chicago

How Much Does It Cost Physician Practices to Interact with Health Plans? Estimates by Type of Interaction, Specialty, and Practice Size
cal cal

Andrew Bindman, MD
Professor of Medicine, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, University of California San Francisco; Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine, San Francisco General Hospital
Moving Toward Evidence-Based Health Policy in California's Medicaid Program

cal cal slides

Michelle Mello, JD, PhD
C. Boyden Gray Associate Professor of Health Policy and Law
Department of Health Policy and Management
, Harvard School of Public Health
The Accuracy of the Medical Malpractice System: What the Evidence Tells Us

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