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Archive of Senior Fellow News and Sightings

David Mandell, ScD, assistant professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics and associate director of the Center for Autism Research, commented on WHYY about how revisions being considered to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders might affect the diagnosis of autism. (1/6/11) Penn researchers to test material for 'bible of psychiatry

David Casarett, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, was quoted in an American Medical News article on the White House’s announcement to undo a 2011 Medicare policy paying physicians to advise patients on end-of-life care. (1/5/2011) Medicare about-face on end-of-life planning pay 

Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD, Director of the LDI Center for Health Incentives, is quoted in the Los Angeles Times about the reality and fairness of offering discounts and health incentives to employees who work towards better health. (1/3/2011)  Pro / Con: The fairness of health insurance incentives

Justin Bekelman, MD, assistant professor of radiation oncology, was featured in Hematology & Oncology News and Issues for his recent study comparing side effects of two types of radiation treatments for prostate cancer. (1/1/2011) Penn Study Shows IMRT Minimizes GI Side Effects for Prostate Cancer Patients

Shiriki Kumanyika, PhD, MPH, Professor of Epidemiology and Associate Dean for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, was quoted in an American Medical News article on reducing health disparities. (12/17/2010) HHS unveils 10-year health priorities    

The Philadelphia Inquirer highlighted work by Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD on financial incentives in an article about a teen weight loss program at Temple University. (12/20/10) Losing pays off for teens in diet program

David Casarett, MD, MA, Associate Professor of Medicine, writes an Op-Ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer about the choices Elizabeth Edwards made the last days of her life. (12/14/10) Learning from Elizabeth Edwards

Jooyoung Lee, PhD, Robert Wood Johnson Health and Society Scholar, was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer on his research studying the lives of seven Philadelphians who have been shot. (12/13/10) Daniel Rubin: Researcher follows shooting victims' aftermath

In the wake of Elizabeth Edward's death at home, David Casarett, MD, associate professor of Medicine in Geriatrics, talked to about the reasons for choosing hospice and what it provides. (12/8/10) Dying at home, surrounded by family

Karen Glanz, PhD, professor of Epidemiology and Nursing, was featured in a Reuters article on a recent study showing adults who use sunscreen are 50% less likely to develop melanoma. The article also ran on and (12/6/10) Reuters Study confirms sunscreen prevents melanoma

Justin Bekelman, MD, assistant professor of Radiation Oncology, was featured in Radiology Today for his research on Prostate cancer patients receiving intensity-modulated radiation therapy are less likely to suffer gastrointestinal complications. This research was presented at the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology meeting. (12/1/10) Radiology Today Study compares IMRT and CRT side effects

David Casarett, MD, MA, Associate Professor of Medicine, writes in the Main Line Times for National Hospice Month on the myths of hospice and how far it has come in the past 25 years. (11/23/2010) Time to dispel the myths, highlight benefits of hospice

Mark Pauly, PhD, Bendheim Professor of Health Care Management, was featured in a one-hour special on NPR's “Marketplace Money" broadcast from Philadelphia. (11/19/10) Philadelphia: The Birthplace of Healthcare

Mary Naylor, PhD, RN. FAAN, Marian S. Ware Professor in Gerontology and Director of NewCourtland Center for Transitions and Health, was quoted in a New York Times article discussing the role of nurses transforming the current health care system. (11/18/2010) Nurses’ Role in the Future of Health Care

Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD, Director of LDI CHI and Associate Professor of Medicine and Health Care Management, served as a panelist for WHYY's Marketplace Money panel discussion "The Informed Patient."

Caryn Lerman, PhD, interim director of the Abramson Cancer Center and professor of Psychiatry, was interviewed by 6ABC on a new Penn study looking at how genetics play a role in smoking cessation. (11/18/2010) New Penn study uses genetics to help smokers stop

Jason Karlawish, MD, associate professor of Medicine and Medical Ethics, was featured on Fox 29 and quoted in the Irish Times discussing and defining “desktop medicine.” (11/16/10) Irish Times Desktop can never replace the bedside (11/16/10) Fox 29 News at Six

Marjorie Bowman, MD, MPA, chair of the department of Family Medicine and Community Health was quoted in an interview with ABCNews on family history being a better predictor of disease risk. (11/5/10) Family First: Family History Better at Predicting Disease Risk Than Screening

Jason Karlawish, MD, associate professor of Medicine and Medical Ethics, was quoted in the New York Times about money troubles being an early clue to Alzheimer’s disease. (10/30/10) Money Woes Can Be Early Clue to Alzheimer’s

David Grande
, MD, MPA, assistant professor of Medicine, was quoted in a Philadelphia Inquirer article on the growing influence of marketing on what drugs doctors prescribe. (10/28/10) New Drug Database Shows How Much Drug Companies Pay Doctors

Carolyn Cannuscio, PhD, ScD, MSc, assistant professor of Family Practice and Community Medicine, was featured in Reporting on Health for her recent presentation at a California Health Jornalism Fellowships Seminar on her Health in Philadelphia Photo-documentation Project. (10/21/10) Investigating Urban Health: A Philadelphia Story

Andrew Siderowf, MD,associate professor of Neurology, was featured in the Daily Pennsylvanian for his study determining the biological markers for Parkinson’s disease to determine new drugs. (10/4/10) Study aims to find new drugs for Parkinson's disease

Brian Strom, MD, director of the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, was featured in a Philadelphia Inquirer blog for his study on the consequences of computerized physician order entry. (10/4/10) Computerizing care can have unexpected consequences

Andrea Apter, MD, professor of Medicine, chief, Section of Allergy and Immunology, Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine was featured in the Penn Current for her study that found a correlation between exposure to violence and asthma in adults. (9/30/10) A link between asthma and violence?

Katrina Armstrong, MD, MSCE, professor of Medicine, was mentioned during a meeting President Amy Gutmann had with Vice President Biden on stimulus funding for research. Armstrong's $3.9 million grant for the Center for Comparative Effectiveness in Genomic Medicine was an example of Penn's Recovery Act-funded Grants. (09/30/10) President Gutmann meets with Vice President Biden on stimulus funding for research

Shiriki Kumanyika, PhD, professor of Epidemiology, was quoted in a Philadelphia Inquirer article about a West Philadelphia family overcoming obesity. (9/27/10) How a West Philadelphia family overcame child obesity

Brian Strom, MD
, director of the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, was quoted in a CBS News Online article about the ongoing medical opinion of the relationship between vaccines and autism. Strom says “The fact that a person suffers autism and encephalopathy does not mean that the vaccine caused both of them." (9/14/10 CBS News Online) Vaccines, Autism and Brain Damage: What's in a Name?

Andrea J. Apter, MD, professor of Medicine, was featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer Health Blog for her research that links exposure to inner city violence and asthma. (9/1/10 The Philadelphia Inquirer) Penn study links exposure to violence with asthma hospitalizations 

Jason Karlawish, MD
, associate director of the Penn Memory Center and associate professor of Geriatric Medicine and Medical Ethics, was quoted in The New York Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer about the role drug companies play and the early evidence of Alzheimer’s Disease. (8/4/10 The New York Times) In Push to Detect Early Alzheimer’s Markers, Hopes for Prevention (8/6/10 The Philadelphia Inquirer) Push for early Alzheimer's clues raises concerns (8/12/10 The New York Times) Sharing of Data Leads to Progress on Alzheimer’s (8/23/10 The New York Times) What to Tell the Patients After a Trial Goes Awry

Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD
, director of the Center for Health Incentives, was quoted in Newsweek magazine online for his recent study using financial incentives to promote weight loss. (7/23/10) Can You Bribe People to Be Healthier?

Brian Strom, MD
, director of the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, was quoted in a Philadelphia Inquirer business column highlighting the recent Food and Drug Administration vote on the diabetes drug Avandia. (7/18/10) Consumer 10.0: Financial reform, Avandia controversy expose problems in a market economy

Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD
, director of the Center for Health Incentives, was quoted in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article on how employers are using programs and incentives to get their employees fit and healthy. (7/12/10) Balancing Act: Health-care reform may spur wellness programs

Arthur Caplan, PhD
, director of Penn’s Center for Bioethics was featured in the “Is the World Broke?” segment on Fox 29 News at 10 where he gave thought on President Obama’s health care reform plan. (6/22/10) Fox 29 News At 10

Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD
, director of the Center for Health Incentives at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, was interviewed by NBC News where he discussed how companies are using financial incentives to promote weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. (6/22/10) NBC 5 First At Four

Linda Aiken,PhD, FAAN, FRCN, RN
, Director of the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research, was featured in The New York Times Op-Ed section for her recent study on the percentage of surgical unit deaths that could be prevented with the right amount of nursing staff. (6/18/10) Is There a Nurse in the House?

Kevin Volpp, MD
, associate professor of Medicine and Health Care Management and director of the Center for Health Incentives, was featured in a WHYY Radio segment. The segment took a look on how bad health effects of missing medication doses can cost the US health system billions of dollars each year. (6/15/10) Article (6/15/10) Audio

Kevin Volpp, MD
, associate professor of Medicine and Health Care Management and director of the Center for Health Incentives and Stephen E. Kimmel, MD, MSCE, associate professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine Division were featured in a front page New York Times article about their recent project that uses cash incentives to entice people to live healthier lives. (6/13/10) For Forgetful, Cash Helps the Medicine Go Down 

Katrina Armstrong, MD
, professor of Medicine, Epidemiology and Obstetrics and Gynecology was featured the Ft. Worth Business Press for her keynote speech at the UNT Health Science Center’s fifth annual Texas Conference on Health Disparities. (6/7/10) Women’s health disparities pervasive – yet local 

Kevin Volpp, MD
, associate professor of Medicine and Health Care Management and director of the Center for Health Incentives, was featured on Fox 29 news where he discussed ways companies give incentives to employees to lose weight, stop smoking and get healthier. (6/9/10) Fox 29 News At Six     

Kevin Volpp, MD
, associate professor of Medicine and Health Care Management and director of the Center for Health Incentives, was quoted in an Associated Press article on how U.S. companies offer financial incentives to get their employees to lose weight or become healthier. (6/2/10) A losing proposition at work

Douglas Wiebe,
, assistant professor of Epidemiology, was featured on for a new study at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on the rates young victims are attacked or lash out in retaliation. (6/1/10) Violence continues in the lives of many young victims

Reed Pyeritz, MD, PhD
, professor of Medicine and chief of the division of Medical Genetics, was featured in a Doctor Radio segment on the use of at-home genetic test kits. (5/19/10) OTC Genetic Testing

David Grande, MD, MPA
, assistant professor of Medicine, was interviewed by Chris Satullo, executive director of news and civic engagement at WHYY, on how health care is effecting the election.  (5/18/10) Election Special: Health care policy

David Grande, MD, MPA
, assistant professor of Medicine, discussed the implications of Medicaid expansion on a WHYY segment. (5/5/10) Health experts discuss implications of Medicaid expansionAudio Segment 

Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD
, director of the Center for Health Incentives, was quoted in a Boston Magazine article on the obesity crisis in our country. (4/21/10)  A Question of Scale

Richard Cooper, MD
, professor of Medicine, was quoted in a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article on medical experts foreseeing critical shortage in primary care. (5/2/10) Medical experts foresee critical shortage in primary care soon

Joshua P. Metlay, MD, PhD, professor of Medicine in the Division of Internal Medicine, was featured in Medscape Today for his research on exposure to children in the home being linked to a lower risk for bacteremic pneumococal disease in adults.(4/27/10) Exposure to Children Linked to Lower Risk for Bacteremic Pneumococcal Disease

Giang Nguyen, MD, MPH, MSCE, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health and Jerry Johnson, MD, Professor and Chief of Geriatric Medicine, were featured in the national public television series Life (Part 2).(4/25/10)

Katrina Armstrong, MD, MSCE
, chief of the division of General Internal Medicine and co-director of the Cancer Control Program in the Abramson Cancer Center, was quoted in an NCI Cancer Bulletin story reporting on the latest results of the STAR trial, which compared the drugs tamoxifen and raloxifene for the prevention of breast cancer among postmenopausal women at high risk of the disease. (4/20/10) Long-term Follow-up Confirms Breast Cancer Risk Reduction with Raloxifene

Karen Glanz, PhD
, George A. Weiss University Professor, was quoted in an article on Unhealthy school lunches posing a threat to national security. (4/21/10)  School Lunches Are a Threat to National Security, Retired Officials Say

Virginia W. Chang, MD, PhD
, assistant professor of Medicine, was featured in USA Today and a JAMA news release video for a recent study showing that obese and overweight patients are just as likely to get recommended preventive medical care as normal-weight patients. (4/7/10) Obese patients aren't left out of preventive care (4/6/10) Quality of Preventive Care for Obese Patients Sightly Higher When Compared to Normal Weight Patients

Scott Halpern, MD
, assistant professor of Pulmonary Medicine and Epidemiology, was featured on WHYY Radio Times and USA Today for his recent study on selling organs. (3/30/10) Radio Times “The Ethics of Selling Organs” (3/31/10) USA Today “Study: People would donate kidneys for payment”

Raina Merchant, MD, a HUP emergency physician and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar, was quoted in the Daily Pennsylvanian  for her recently published study showing that instructions delivered via cell phone help boost bystanders’ ability to perform CPR properly.  (3/25/10) Instructions on cell phones improve CPR performance    

Thomas Ten Have, PhD
, David Casarett, MD, MA,
and Jessica Fishman, PhD were featured in a KYW Radio report for their study on  the public’s unrealistic approach to aggressive cancer treatments. (3/16/10) Article: U. of P. Study: News Reports Often Overstate Cancer Research (3/16/10) Radio Report 

Scott Halpern, MD, assistant professor of Pulmonary Medicine and Epidemiology, was featured in a Philadelphia Inquirer article for the study he directed on how Americans might make decisions if offered financial incentives for kidney donation while alive. (3/16/10) Study: Payments would increase organ donation

David Casarett, MD
, authored a column in the Huffington Post, describing a new study he co-authored that discusses how newspapers and magazines cover cancer news. (3/16/10) Huffington Post: Cancer News Offers Readers Hope and Hype, But No Help (3/16/10) Media Downplay Failings of Cancer Treatments 

Brendan G. Carr, MD, ,assistant professor of Emergency Medicine and Biostatistics and Epidemiology, was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s "Check Up" blog for his research on stroke patients.  (3/10/10) Flying stroke patients to hospitals would save lives, study finds

Justin E. Bekelman, MD
, assistant professor of Radiation Oncology, was highlighted in a Philadelphia Inquirer article for his new study on the type of treatment patients receive and how it significantly affects the type of specialist they see. (3/10/10) A reason to see primary care physician after prostate cancer diagnosis

Raina Merchant, MD, emergency physician and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar, was featured in a Philadelphia Inquirer "Check Up" blog for the study she led on whether instructions delivered via cell phone would improve the quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR. (3/2/10) Can cell phones help save lives?

Raina Merchant, MD
, a HUP emergency physician and RWJ Clinical Scholar, was quoted in a WHYY Radio
story discussing a piece she authored in the New England Journal of Medicine identifying how health care workers can be best prepared to respond to disasters like the recent earthquake in Haiti.  (3/1/10) Preparation is key to successful emergency relief efforts

David Grande, MD, MPA
, assistant professor of Medicine, was featured in a Fox29 segment analyzing the latest health care proposal from the Obama administration. (2/26/10) Video: Details On Latest Health Plan

Jeremy M. Kahn, MD, PhD, assistant professor of Pulmonary Medicine, was quoted in Business Weekly and the Philadelphia Inquirer on the study of critically ill patients in intensive care units having a lower death rate at hospitals. (2/22/10) Expanded ICU teams reduce death rates, Pa. study found; (2/22/10) ICU Patients Gain From Team Approach to Care

Jonathan Moreno, PhD
, professor of Medical Ethics was quoted in a New York Times story about Amy Bishop, the biology assistant professor at the University of Alabama who is charged with shooting six colleagues earlier this month. (2/22/10)  A Murder Suspect’s Worth to Science

Douglas J. Wiebe, PhD
assistant professor of Epidemiology, presented portions of an ongoing study about the daily activities of youth and their risk of being violently injured at the 2010 AAAS Meeting in San Diego. (2/22/10) The Geography of Violence

Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD
is quoted in the Philadelphia Daily News about the results on his study that pays people to quit smoking.
(2/18/10) “How quitters can be winners on smoking”

Arthur Caplan, PhD
and Geoffrey K. Aguirre MD, PhD were quoted in the Marin Independent Journal discussing a recent New England Journal of Medicine study of 54 brain-injured patients.  (2/14/10) “Dr. Dustin Ballard: I have brain activation, therefore I am?”

Brendan Carr, MD
has had his research on the variation of treatment received based on the timing of the treatment covered in several media outlets. (1/25/10) Time magazine blog item (2/3/10) Reuters story

Caryn Lerman, PhD
, and her colleague Robert Schnoll, PhD, are quoted in several news stories about their new Annals of Internal Medicine study showing that smokers who wore a nicotine patch for 24 weeks instead of the standard 8 weeks recommended for the therapy had more success trying to kick the habit and were less likely to relapse into smoking after small smoking slip-ups. (02/01/10)
Reuters story; Bloomberg News story; Health article; TV and Radio coverage

David J. Casarett, MD, MA, has recently published a book on end-of-life care "Last Acts: Discovering Possibility and Opportunity at the End of Life". A review of that book has been publisehd in the Washington Post (is his gallery of last-act stories and his attempt to make sense of the variety of ways in which human beings react to the knowledge that death is near. (1/26/10) Washington Post article

Richard Shannon, MD, is quoted in a New York Times article about medical schools inserting patient safety into their curriculum. (1/25/10) New York Times article

Brian Strom, MD, comments in Trustee magazine about comparative effectiveness research, measuring the difference in effectiveness between drugs, devices and/or interventions for the same condition. (1/13/10) Trustee magazine article

Rachel Werner, MD
, appeared on C-SPAN presenting her paper which dealt with public and private financing in long-term care and long-term support services. (1/12/10) C-SPAN (segment #1)

Research being done by Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD, about the recent craze of financial incentives for healthy living habits was highlighted in a TIME magazine article (1/4/10) Time Magazine article

James C. Coyne, MD, is quoted in a New York Times article discussing the suggested benefits of an optimistic attitude. The article was also posted by AARP Bulletin. (1/4/10) New York Times article AARP Bulletin article

Flaura Koplin Winston, MD, PhD
had an Op Ed piece "More Limits for Teen Drivers' in the Philadelphia Inquirer (1/3/10) Inquirer Op Ed Piece

A study by Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD, about what motivates people to establish health habits was featured in a WHYY segment. (12/29/09)
WHYY segment

An Op-Ed piece by Michael Bader, PhD, discussing race and health reform was published in the Phildelphia Inquirer. (12/18/09) Inquirer Op Ed Piece

Current research being done by Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD, was highlighted in an AARP Bulletin Today article about how health care reform bills are now including incentives for healthy behaviors.(12/17/09)
AARP Bulletin Today article

Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD, is cited in an article in which TIME Highlights Penn Medicine Research in “The Year in Health”, noting that financial incentives produced significant weight loss during a 16-week weight loss study. (12/14/09) Time Incentives Article

David Grande, MD, was featured in a WHYY segment about the compromise proposal that is emerging in the Senate health reform debate. uy-in option, and so it's going to be expensive," he says. (12/11/09)
WHYY segment

A study by Maureen Maguire, PhD, regarding the link between statins and risk of advanced AMD is highlighted in a MedPage Today Article. The group reported its findings in the December issue of Ophthalmology. (12/3/09) MedPage Today article

Robert Aronowitz, PhD, has an op ed piece 'Addicted to Mammograms' published in the New York Times. (11/19/09) NY Times Op Ed Piece

David Grande, MD, was featured in a NPR segment about the  Novartis campaign for the heartburn drug Prevacid.
NPR segment #2

Richard Cooper, MD, is featured in a Philadelphia Inquirer article arguing that health care legislation based on data from the Dartmouth Atlas would actually punish the poor. (11/16/09) Philadelphia Inquirer article

Giang Nguyen, MD, was featured in three WHYY segments. "Our Stories, Our Health", a project that has been teaching Vietnamese and Laotian elders to shoot video interviews about health topics they identified as important to their communities. (11/11/09) WHYY segments

Peter Groeneveld, MD, MS Published findings from the Penn study that examines the effectiveness of stenting for preventing heart attack, stroke, and death, in the November 2009 issue of the Journal of Vascular Surgery. (11/10/09) Penn Medicine News Release

Art Caplan, PhD, authored a column on about this nation's response to the swine flu epidemic.(11/10/09) article

David Asch, MD, was quoted in a Philadelphia Inquirer article about how US physicians are torn over what the government should do to make health care more available and affordable.(11/10/09)Philadelphia Inquirer article

Carolyn Cannuscio, MSc, DSc is interviewed by WHYY about the "Trauma Trash and Triumph" exhibit being launched on November 5, 2009. WHYY Interview

David Casarett, MD, MA, , is interviewed on WHYY Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane, discussing how health care providers manage difficult but necessary conversations about palliative care with patients and their families. (10/28/09) WHYY segment

Scott Harrington, PhD has an Op Ed piece "Competition and Health Insurance" published in the Wall Street Journal (10/21/09) Wall Street Journal article

A recent study co-authored by Sarah Gollust, PhD, highlighting how people responded to the notion that "social determinants" are underlying causes of disease has been reported on in the Washington Post and the Philadelphia Inquirer (10/18 and 10/19/2009)
Phildelphia Inquirer Article
Washington Post Article

Caryn Lerman, PhD is quoted in a Globe and Mail article about the effect of stress on cancer.The Globe and Mail article

Charles Branas, PhD is quoted in a Daily News article about gun violence. (10/02/09)Daily News article, UPI article

A recent study by Dr. David Asch, that looks at how obstetrics and gynecology residency programs differ in the quality of the physicians they produce is cited in two articles: "Better Residency Programs May Make Better Ob/Gyns" in MedPage Today (9/23/09) and "Having a Baby: Training and the Quality of an Obstetrician" in the New York Times (9/28/09)

Richard Shannon, MD co-authored an opinion article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, discussing Pennsylvania’s leading role in the reporting of medical outcomes. (9/23/09) Phildelphia Inquirer Opinion article

David Grande, MD, MPA, discusses drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline's announcement regarding changes in the way it pays for physician-training sessions, in the Philadelphia Inquirer. (9/22/09) Philadelphia Inquirer article

Richard Cooper, MD, LDI Senior Fellow and professor of Medicine was quoted in a Washington Post article about how President Obama often cites The Mayo Clinic as his model for national heath-care reform.(9/20/09) Washington Post article

Karin Rhodes, MD, MS, Director, Division of Health Policy Research, and Joanna Bisgaier, MSW, comment in a letter to the Wall Street Journal about Medicare reform (9/18/09) letter

Scott Harrington, PhD discusses President Obama's demonization of private health insurance in an article published int he Wall Street Journal titled(9/14/09) "Fact-checking the President on Health Insurance"

Richard Cooper, MD has an Op Ed piece "Wrong Map for Health Reform" published in the Washington Post (9/10/09) Op Ed Piece

Many media outlets covered a new Brookings Institute report on critical aspects of health care reform, developed by a group of 10 nationally recognized policy experts. The group included LDI Senior Fellow Mark Pauly, PhD and focused on the need to contain health care costs. (Kaiser Health News, Sept. 1, 2009) Brookings Report

Mark Pauly, PhD LDI Senior Fellow is quoted in a Philadelphia Inquirer article 'Public option' and its role in health-care debate" Inquirer Article (8/18/09)

David Casarett, MD, MA an LDI Senior Fellow discusses end-of-life issues in the context of new health care legislation in an NPR All Things Considered interview NPR Interview (8/18/09)

Scott Harrington, PhD discusses the cost/benefit of Health Co-Ops in a Wall Street Journal Article (8/14/09) Health Co-Ops: Slow Road to Government Care

Raina Merchant's MD, study on the value of therapeutic hypothermia in preserving brain function following cardiac arrest is featured on ABC 6 (8/10/09)

Mary Naylor, PHD, RN, FAAN, discusses how a "Transitional Care Model" for geriatric patients just discharged from the hospital will reduce re-entry rates and costs. (NPR Story, 7/28/09)

Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD, director of the Center for Health Incentives at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics discusses behavioral and system interventions when considering what kinds of comparative effectiveness research studies to undertake in The Pink Sheet. (The Pink Sheet article 7/27/09)

Mark Pauly, PhD, Kevin Volpp, PhD, and Richard Cooper, MD discuss the need for more primary care physicians if health care reform increases the pool of insured Americans (Knowledge@Wharton 7/22/09).

Flaura Winston discusses the emotional impact that injury has on children (USA Today, 7/16/09)

David Casarett discusses how patients and family members react to terminal illness (CNN, 5/12/09)

David Grande talks about the impact of pharmaceutical company gifts on medical students (Globe and Mail, 5/11/09)

Jalpa Doshi comments on her findings that many veterans forego needed medications when copayments rise. (Washington Post, 1/12/09)

Congratulations to Charles C. Branas, PhD, Eric Bradlow, PhD and Joshua P. Metlay, MD, PhD, who are three of eight faculty members named as inaugural Penn Fellows, a leadership-development program that recognizes faculty in mid-career. Penn Fellows build networks across the University, meet with distinguished academic leaders, think strategically about university governance and participate in monthly dinners with prominent speakers from within Penn and beyond.

Jerry Jacobs and his colleague Ann Boulis have just published a book on women physicians entitled, The Changing Face of Medicine.

LDI is pleased to congratulate Senior Fellows Sandy Schwartz and Ralph Muller on their election to the Institute of Medicine.

Congratulations to LDI Senior Fellow Flaura Winston, MD, PhD, and her research team for receiving the 2008 Injury Prevention and Control Health Impact Award from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Caryn Lerman discusses new evidence that some smokers may be genetically prone to concentration and memory problems during quit attempts. (1/2/09) WHYY Radio Times, 1/2/09

LDI Senior Fellow David Casarett finds that Medicare eligibility rules on hospice care restrict use by those most in need, disproportionately affecting African Americans (United Press International, December 26, 2008).

Multiple media outlets, including Good Morning America, featured LDI Senior Fellow Kevin Volpp, director of the new LDI Center for Health Incentives. He talked about research linking financial incentives to weight loss. For a sampling of the media coverage, click below. (NYT, 12/9/08)

On radio, LDI Senior Fellows Jason Karlawish, and Mark Salzer comment on the voting rights of people with cognitive disabilities. (WHYY, 11/4/08)

In conjunction with Pennís Department of Medicine, LDI has established a new Center for Health Incentives (CHI) to generate and apply evidence on financial incentives to promote healthy behaviors. LDI Senior Fellow Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD, will direct the CHI.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dan Polsky, PhD as LDIís new Director of Research. Dan is Associate Professor of Medicine and Health Care Management at the School of Medicine and the Wharton School and has just returned to campus after a year advising the White House Council of Economic Advisers.

Congratulations to LDI Senior Fellow Terry Richmond, PhD, CRNP for receiving the prestigious Pioneering Spirit Award from the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN). The award, sponsored by GE Healthcare, recognizes her pioneering work in firearm injuries and violence. She accepted the award at the AACNís national meeting in Chicago in May 2008.

LDI Senior Fellow Craig Pollack talks about his forthcoming research on the links between foreclosure and health status. (CBS3, 11/26/08)

LDI Senior Fellow Josh Metlay talks about the importance of proper instructions to prevent bleeding complications in patients taking a blood thinner. (UPI, 10/27/08, Consult 10/30/08)

Knowledge@Wharton interviews LDI Senior Fellows on the presidential candidates' positions on health care and entitlements. (Knowledge@Wharton, 10/15/08)

In an op-ed piece, LDI Executive Director David Asch asks, "If we can bail out the banking sector, can't we "bail out" our sickest and most vulnerable citizens?" (Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/02/08)

LDI Senior Fellow Peter Groeneveld comments on a new study that demonstrates the benefits of drug-coated stents over bare-metal stents for heart attack patients (US News & World Report, September 25, 2008)

LDI Senior Fellow Mehret Mandefro, MD, MSc is featured in "All of Us," a documentary about HIV/AIDS and African-American women in New York. See reviews in the September 19, 2008 New York Times and the September 16, 2008 Village Voice
Learn More

LDI Senior Fellow Dennis Culhane comments on the remarkable reduction in chronic homelessness
(New York Times, July 28, 2008)

LDI Senior Fellow Tara Lagu comments on her recent study that discovered that blogs written by medical professionals may pose a threat to patient privacy (US News & World Report, August 7, 2008)
Learn More

The American College of Physicians (ACP) has awarded LDI Senior Fellow Brian Strom its 2008 John Phillips Memorial Award. Since 1929, the ACP has bestowed this award for outstanding work in clinical medicine. Kudos to Brian on this well-deserved honor.

At a May 8, 2008 celebration, Sankey V. Williams, MD, Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine, was honored with a video tribute.

LDI Senior Fellow Dennis Culhane comments on the remarkable reduction in chronic homelessness
(New York Times, July 28, 2008)

In April, three LDI Senior Fellows were honored at the Society for General Internal Medicineís annual meeting: Sankey Williams received SGIMís highest award, the Robert J. Glaser Award; Virginia Chang, received the Outstanding Junior Investigator of the Year Award; and David Grande, received the Hamolsky Award for his scientific presentation at the annual meeting.

LDI Senior Fellow Mark Pauly is quoted on the unsustainability of the present Medicare program
(New York Times, July 20, 2008)

LDI Senior Fellow Kevin Volpp explains why paying people can be an effective way to encourage healthy behaviors
( and multiple newspapers across Canada, July 2, 2008)

LDI Senior Fellow Shiriki Kumanyika chaired an American Heart Association Committee that has recommended a broader, community-based approach to cutting obesity rates
(ABC News, July 1, 2008)

LDI Senior Fellow Steve Kimmel talks about his ongoing study testing the effectiveness of a lottery system in prodding patients to take the prescription drugs they need. LDI Senior Fellow Kevin Volpp is the co-investigator on the study
(Hartford Courant, June 22, 2008)

LDI Senior Fellows Robert Hornik, Joshua Metlay and Therese Richmond received the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching

LDI Senior Fellow Sandy Schwartz joins the US Preventive Services Task Force, the leading independent panel of experts in prevention and primary care

LDI Senior Fellow Scott Halpern receives ATS Fellow Career Development Award

LDI Executive Director David Asch receives VA Under Secretary's Award

In a commentary, LDI Senior Fellow Brendan Carr and C. William Schwab describe the impact of handgun violence and urge the Supreme Court to uphold the Washington DC ban on firearms (Philadelphia Inquirer, June 16, 2008)

LDI Senior Fellow Flaura Winston conducts a question and answer session about how to make teen driving safer (Wall Street Journal, March 27, 2008)

LDI Senior Fellow Eric Bradlow and Wharton colleagues write an article refuting the use of Roger Clemens' career statistics to prove his innocence (New York Times, 2/10/08)

LDI Senior Fellow Dennis Culhane talks about the need to prevent homelessness. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2/7/08)

LDI Senior Fellow Virginia Chang discusses her study on the link between obesity and the location of fast food restaurants vs. full service restaurants (Washington Post, 1/25/08)

LDI Senior Fellow Mark Pauly comments on health insurers' use of clinical evidence to deny payment (Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/13/08)

LDI Senior Fellow Charlie Branas discusses the risk of being shot near take out alcohol outlets (ABC News, 7/19/07).

LDI Senior Fellow Flaura Winston is interviewed about her new study on the dangers of distractions for teen drivers (ABC News, Jan. 25, 2007)

LDI Senior Fellow Dennis Culhane discusses preliminary results from Massachusetts that suggest that most resources devoted to combatting homelessness are not getting to families most in need. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/2/07)

LDI Research Director and Senior Fellow Katrina Armstrong talks about new evidence that early treatment of prostate cancer may lengthen survival for elderly men.
(Philadelphia Tribune online, 12/19/06)

LDI Senior Fellow Richard Cooper comments on the downside of "boutique medicine." (CBS News, 7/20/06)

Senior Fellow Flaura Winston's crash data study confirms child safety seats, boosters offer survival advantage to child passengers. (PRNewswire, (6/05/06)

Senior Fellow Shiriki Kumanyika, PhD, MPH, comments on the reasons poorer teens are more apt to be fat. (Baltimore Sun - 5/24/06) Note - If you do not have an account with the Baltimore Sun, you will be required to register. Registration is free.

Senior Fellow Caryn Lerman conducts smoking study that has researchers one step closer to tailored treatment to help smokers quit smoking (Science Daily - 5/19/06)

Researchers from Penn and CHOP, including LDI Senior Fellow James Lewis, conduct study that proves childhood arthritis raises risk of broken bones. (Medical News Today - 5/12/06)

Senior Fellow Judith Long discusses ways to reduce health disparities (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/20/06)

LDI Senior Fellow David Casarett comments on quality of care in for-profit hospices (Reuters, 4/10/06)

Senior Fellow Art Caplan discusses the ethics of informed consent for the patient receiving the world's first partial face transplant (Baltimore Sun, 12/04/2005)

LDI Senior Fellow Dennis Culhane, Director of Penn's Cartographic Modeling Laboratory, comments on the potential applications of electronic 3-D computer modeling of buildings and places (NY Times, 2/17/05).

LDI Senior Fellow Charles Branas notes that gun suicides in rural areas equal gun homicides in urban areas (NY Times, 2/13/05)

LDI Senior Fellow Brian Strom voices concerns about the possibility of cholesterol-lowering drugs becoming available without a prescription. (NY Times, 1/13/05)

LDI Senior Fellows Art Caplan and Jason Karlawish comment on ensuring voting rights for the aging and mentally ill: At what point is someone too impaired to cast a ballot? (MSNBC News 9/14/04)

LDI Senior Fellow Chris Feudtner comments on as diseases become more treatable, ethical challenges emerge. (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/5/04)

LDI Senior Fellow Terry Richmond comments on Philadelphia's high murder rate, relative to New York.

LDI Senior Fellow Jason Karlawish comments on the limitations of current drugs for Alzheimer's (NY Times, (4/7/04).

LDI Senior Fellow Brian Strom comments on the marketing of new blockbuster drugs (Phila. Inquirer, 3/10/04)

LDI Senior Fellow Mark Pauly comments on the recent rise in U.S. health care spending. (NY Times, 1/9/04)

LDI Senior Fellow Rob Field is interviewed on NPR about new genetic tests that can predict individual reactions to many prescription drugs. (6/25/03) (segment starts 4:16 into the broadcast)

LDI Senior Fellows Mark Pauly and Lawton Burns discuss the rise of health care costs on NPR's Radio Times (6/24/03)
A new study by LDI Senior Fellow Douglas Wiebe highlights the homicide and suicide risks posed by having a gun in the home (5/27/03)
FDA advisory panel member and LDI Senior Fellow Andrea Apter comments on the safety of Genentech's new asthma drug (5/16/03)
LDI Senior Fellows Therese Richmond and Charles Branas are featured in Philadelphia Weekly in the cover story about the Firearm Injury Center at Penn (FICAP) (4/23/03)
As chairman of the IOM's committee on smallpox vaccination program implementation, LDI Senior Fellow Brian Strom comments on the risks of the administration's aggressive vaccination strategy. (3/27/03)
LDI Senior Fellow Linda Aiken comments on her landmark study linking nurse understaffing with poor patient outcomes. Four other LDI Senior Fellows contributed to the study, published in the October 23 issue of JAMA.
Adjunct Senior Fellow Rob Field is heard on Marketplace Morning Report 9/25/02. He comments on a recent GAO report finding an increase in drug recalls after the FDA began speeding up drug approvals in 1994.
LDI Senior Fellow Rob Burns looks back at the Allegheny System failure and its repercussions. (9/1/02)
LDI Senior Fellow Linda Aiken comments on nurse staffing in an article linking the nursing shortage and poor outcomes. (8/08/02)
LDI Senior Fellow Art Caplan reviews "Minority Report" with Tom Cruise (6/21/02)
LDI Senior Fellow Flaura Winston discusses her new study that reveals the dangers of children riding in the back seats of compact "extended cab" pickup trucks. (3/06/02)
The Institute of Medicine releases a new report on the safety and efficacy of the existing anthrax vaccine. LDI Senior Fellow Brian Strom chaired the IOM committee. (3/06/02)
LDI Senior Fellow Mary Naylor named to the Marion S. Ware Chair in Gerontology, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing (2/12/02)
LDI Senior Fellow Patricia Danzon comments on falling pharmaceutical stock prices. (12/23/01)
LDI Senior Fellow Dennis Culhane comments on a surge in homelessness. (12/22/01)
Olivia Mitchell, member of the President's Commission on Social Security and an LDI Senior Fellow, comments on the commission's final report. (12/11/01)
LDI Senior Fellow Brian Strom, who chairs the IOM's Committee to Assess the Safety and Efficacy of the Anthrax Vaccine, comments on the use of antibiotics in the current anthrax scare. (10/12/01)
LDI Senior Fellow Margaret Stineman's FRGs are being implemented nationwide, and are part of the Federal register: (8/07/01)
LDI Senior Fellow Art Caplan discusses the ethics of human cloning for therapeutic uses. (8/01/01)
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In the Philadelphia Inquirer, Senior Fellow Robert Lowe comments on the practice of asking emergency department patients about their use of alternative medicine and treatments. (10/30/00)

LDI Senior Fellows Linda Aiken and Maureen McClausland comment about the nationwide nursing shortage in the Philadelphia Inquirer (10/10/00)

LDI Senior Fellow Mark Pauly comments on Penn's financial turnaround this year (9/15/00)

Dennis Culhane, LDI Senior Fellow, discusses homelessness and public shelter in an online forum on 7/27/00 . go to transcript

LDI Senior Fellow Peter Ubel discussed the high cost of prescription drugs, on NPR's "Fresh Air." (7/13/00)

LDI Senior Fellow Glenn McGee was interviewed on NPR about the future of genetics research. (6/26/00). And McGee and colleague David Magnus comment on the ethical and social impact of genetic breakthroughs in The Philadelphia Inquirer. (6/29/00)
NPR Interview Inquirer article

Senior Fellow Rosemary Stevens was among a panel of experts intervewed for the PBS Documentary on the uninsured, entitled "Health Care Crisis: Who's At Risk?" Stevens makes a case for health care reform by looking at current problems in the health care system from a historical perspective. (6/14/00)
USA Today reports on Senior Fellow Jeffrey Silber's testimony before a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee about outcomes associated with nurse-anesthetists. (06/08/00)
USA Today Testimony
Children ages 2-5 using seat belts are four times more likely to suffer a serious head injury as young children in car seats or booster seats, according to a study by Senior Fellow Flaura Winston. (06/06/00)

Dr. Winston and colleagues were also featured in the New York Times and USA Today. The researchers found that children who are not buckled up are three times more likely to be seriously hurt in a traffic accident. (5/23/00)
The New York Times: USA Today:

The Philadelphia Inquirer summarized Will Ferniany's remarks during LDI's May 19 symposium on managed care. Ferniany, an LDI Senior Fellow and head of UPHS's Administrative and Network Services, reported on strategies that UPHS is using to ensure its financial health. (5/20/00)
"Lights, Camera, Ethics": Arthur Caplan featured in The Inquirer Magazine (5/14/00)
Mitchell Schnall, M.D. in The Inquirer for receiving a $6.3 million grant to develop a prototype of a database that will be capable of instantly retreiving and storing digital mamograms from facilities across the country.(5/11/00)
Does the emergence of Viagra and similar acting drugs represent a change in societal comfort levels with the formerly taboo topic of erectile dysfunction? Or, have unprecedented advances in science made the discovery of these types of drugs possible? It is likely that Viagra's sucess is the result of both factors. In The New York Times article "Impotence is Given Another Name and a Drug Market Grows," LDI Senior Fellow Alan Hillman says "You need to have the right researcher at the right moment in history." Hillman contends that as recently as 20 years ago, our society would not have accepted the marketing or selling of a drug to treat erectile dysfunction. (5/2/00)
On Feb. 2, 1978, a spectacular fire erupted at an illegal chemical dump in Chester, PA. More than 200 emergency workers were unwittingly exposed to toxic industrial wastes. High rates of cancer and other serious illnesses have beset the group ever since. LDI Senior Fellows Brian L. Strom and James D. Lewis analyzed the data on links between exposure and subsequent illnesses for a week-long series in the Philadelphia Inquirer. (4/30/00)

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