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Discussion Leaders Participating in PRP 2007

As of August 22, 2007 | Sorted by: Last Name - College House

First Name Last Name PRP Room Group GO CollegeHouse
Ted Abel Towne Building 311 1114 Blessing Nwajuaku Ware College House
Suhnne Ahn Harnwell Rooftop Lounge 405 Nona Carter Harnwell College House
Stephen Anderson Meyerson Hall B5 1109 Colin Plover Ware College House
Richard Aplenc Williams Hall 723 716 Sarah Gilbert Kings Court/English CH
Paul Axelsen Rodin Seminar Room M20 903 Emily Worth Rodin College House
NancyLee Bergey Williams Hall 843 706 Andrew Kemp Kings Court/English CH
Andrew Binns Logan Hall 493 707 Preeti Rajendran Kings Court/English CH
Daniel Bogen Harnwell 23rd Floor Lounge 404 Neil Mehta Harnwell College House
John Boyle and Dr. Diane Boyle Williams Hall 214 620 Diana Forrest Hill College House
Christine Bradway Claire M Fagin Hall 119-20 625 David Chacko Hill College House
Kent Bream Harnwell 7th Floor Lounge 401 Silvia Bernardini Harnwell College House
Francis Brennan Williams Hall 215 621 Zen Liu Hill College House
Jeremy Brochin Steinhardt Hall, Lynne B. Harrison Library 1101 Jun Li Ware College House
Ann Cole Brown Fisher-Bennett Hall 16 802 Michael Page Riepe College House
Chuck Brutsche and Ms. Mary Summers Leadership Hall, 3814 Walnut St. 2nd Floor 611 Michael DeLiso Hill College House
Deborah Burnham Fisher-Bennett Hall 11 602 Tiffany Settles Hill College House
Lesley Carson Williams Hall 216 207 Matthew Levin Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
Linda Chance Williams Hall 202 623 Stephen Metas Hill College House
Frank L. Chance Williams Hall 203 215 Alexander McCobin Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
Esther Chen Williams Hall 3 604 Jillian Dent Hill College House
John Cipollini Kings Court English Dining Room 807 Junna Hashimoto Riepe College House
Andrew Cohen Fisher-Bennett Hall 224 204 Amy Anekwe Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
David Comberg Meyerson Hall B6 1113 Colin Plover Ware College House
Charlene Compher Claire M Fagin Hall 121 617 Wenny Lin Hill College House
John Core Stouffer College House Seminar Room 1002 Sarah Peck Stouffer College House
Laurie Cousart Stouffer College House Mayer Playroom 1004 Jenni Crowley Stouffer College House
Tom Daniels Meyerson Hall B7 618 Sattar Gojraty Hill College House
Helen Davies Ware College House 209 Rodney 1122 Rachel Xiaolu Han Ware College House
Julie Nelson Davis Jaffe 113 816 Megha Patel Riepe College House
Leslie Delauter Gregory College House, 411 Class of '25 306 Serena Stein Gregory College House
Karen Detlefsen Riepe 2nd Floor Ashurst Lounge 811 Nicholas Loprieato Riepe College House
Thomas Devaney Fisher-Bennett Hall 13 1102 Victor Seow Ware College House
Frederick Dickinson Du Bois Multi Purpose Room 103 Edem Abotsi Du Bois College House
Emily Dolan Fisher-Bennett Hall 24 219 Stephanie Chando Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
Christopher Donovan Gregory Class of '25 TV Lounge 305 Shannon Munyan Gregory College House
John Duda Williams Hall 302 202 Allison Rapoport Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
Page Fahrig-Pendse Williams Hall 320 803 Joanna Wapner Riepe College House
Lynne Farrington Van Pelt-Dietrich Library, Smith Room, Rare Book and Manuscript Library 1111 Neil Jikaria Ware College House
Adele Fava Harnwell 2nd Floor Lounge 407 Julia Cuccaro Harnwell College House
Peter Freyd Fisher-Bennett Hall 20 607 Mike Tate Hill College House
Srilata Gangulee Logan Hall 337 821 Elizabeth Converse Riepe College House
James Gardner Logan Hall 203 214 Shannon Hedvat Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
Daniel Garofalo Fisher-Bennett Hall 222 804 Ariel Feinberg Riepe College House
Nicola M Gentili Harrison Library 506 Brett Thalmann Harrison College House
Danny Gerber Fisher-Bennett Hall 15 619 Gates Crisler Hill College House
William Gipson Du Bois Multi Purpose Room 102 Noel Ramirez Du Bois College House
David Grazian Williams Hall 315 608 Jennifer Millman Hill College House
Kenneth Grcich Rodin Upper Lobby 904 Emily Goldberg Rodin College House
Cam Grey KCECH Library 701 Collin Anthony Kings Court/English CH
David Grossman Civic House 1116 Anneliese Zausner-Mannes Ware College House
Sonya Gwak Gregory Van Pelt Piano Lounge 303 Teri Kirby Gregory College House
Kathleen Hall Harnwell M-10 403 Krishna Kantheti Harnwell College House
F. Claire Hankenson Williams Hall 741 613 Kathleen Styger Hill College House
Howard Hurtig Williams Hall 303 806 Gabrielle Matouk Riepe College House
John Wesley Hutchinson Jon M. Huntsman Hall F94 614 Matthew Simpson Hill College House
Sarah Igo Ware College House North Lounge 1124 Lan Xu Ware College House
Ian Jacobs Williams Hall 28 809 Riggs Skepnek Riepe College House
Jamie-Lee Josselyn Kelly Writers House, Arts Café 1119 Robin Levine Ware College House
Albert Kaplan Williams Hall 4 213 Lauren Malaspina Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
Solomon Katz Williams Hall 307 1105 Laura Brockman Ware College House
Jane Kauer University Museum 345 1120 Mark Rubbo Ware College House
John Keenan Fisher-Bennett Hall 231 705 Neha Sharma Kings Court/English CH
Alice Kelley Williams Hall 316 814 William Mellman Riepe College House
Sami Khella Williams Hall 633 221 Meagan Kozhimala Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
Steven Kimbrough Jon M. Huntsman Hall G88 1125 Bonnie Gable Ware College House
Bruce Kinosian Logan Hall 204 810 Marc Hassan Riepe College House
Simon Knight and Dr. Jean Knight Williams Hall 218 624 Jessica Kim Hill College House
Tanja Kral Williams Hall 204 805 Nikhil Gupta Riepe College House
Niva Kramek Harrison Rathskellar 503 Alex Braunstein Harrison College House
Harold Kundel Williams Hall 304 812 Eric Trager Riepe College House
Andrew Lamas McNeil 167-8 1110 Ben Bryant Ware College House
Antonio Larson Williams Hall 421 628 Christina Arlt Hill College House
Thomas Lee Jon M. Huntsman Hall F92 218 Zane Haider Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
Matty Lehman and Ms. Susan Villari Office of Health Education, 3611 Locust Walk 818 Nicolas Riley Riepe College House
Mark Liberman Ware College House 300 Memorial Tower 1121 Nadia Mikhail Ware College House
Baron Lipschutz-Perry Meyerson Hall B4 1108 Erica Machulak Ware College House
Ron Litman Williams Hall 318 203 William Sheehan Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
William Long Williams Hall 305 205 Andrew Rennekamp Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
Heather Love Gregory Van Pelt Seminar Room (116) 302 Christie Guitierrez Gregory College House
Ponzy Lu Towne Building 305 208 Bret Wallace Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
Rose Malague KCECH Blue Lounge 715 Timothy Taylor Kings Court/English CH
Katherine Margo Williams Hall 2 220 Greg Glasheen Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
Randall Mason Meyerson Hall B13 1104 Erica Machulak Ware College House
Ann Matter Gregory Van Pelt Film Lounge 304 Eric Logan Gregory College House
Linda McCauley Claire M Fagin Hall 115 217 Cherie Marcus Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
Kathy McCauley Claire M Fagin Hall 113B 1127 Stefanie Lenz Ware College House
Kathryn Michel Williams Hall 29 710 Riya Rahan Kings Court/English CH
Pardis Minuchehr Fisher-Bennett Hall 25 1118 Erin Neill Ware College House
Charles Mooney Williams Hall 321 627 Maritza Mercado Hill College House
Kim Mooney-Doyle Claire M Fagin Hall 116 1123 Stefanie Lenz Ware College House
Katherine Moore Fisher-Bennett Hall 29 211 Jean Lee Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
Wynne Morrison Williams Hall 219 601 Kat Coneybear Hill College House
Michael Nairn Jaffe 201 609 Zachary Harris Hill College House
Rob Nelson Harrison 102 504 Bo Finneman Harrison College House
Philip Nichols Stouffer College House 172F 1001 Saida Agostini Stouffer College House
Ann L O'Sullivan Claire M Fagin Hall 113A 808 Brenna Hassinger Riepe College House
Felicity Paxton Stouffer College House Mayer Seminar Room 1005 Michael Housman Stouffer College House
Frank Pellicone Harrison Heyer Sky Lounge 501 Jessica Jo Harrison College House
Janos Perge Towne Building 315 1112 Jenny Jin Ware College House
Kent Peterman College Conference Room, 104 Logan Hall 1117 Dipal Patel Ware College House
Andrew Pike McNeil 309 1126 Ray Cheng Ware College House
Scott Poethig Fisher-Bennett Hall 244 1103 Anne Boig Ware College House
David Pope Williams Hall 438 712 Ian Cohen Kings Court/English CH
John Puckett Williams Hall 319 813 Eve Litt Riepe College House
Steven Raper Williams Hall 220 626 Andrea Hawkes Hill College House
Philip Rea Rodin Seminar Room M30 902 Michael Corrente Rodin College House
Jay Reise Rodin Rooftop Lounge 901 Stephanie Yee Rodin College House
Simon Richter Williams Hall 201 709 Huascar Canaan Kings Court/English CH
Ralph Rosen Harnwell Computer Lab and Library 406 Paul Burnett Harnwell College House
Paul Rozin Williams Hall 1 702 Mary Dawn Hennessesy Kings Court/English CH
Alan Ruby McNeil 285 708 Carli Koshal Kings Court/English CH
Jacqui Sadashige Fisher-Bennett Hall 201 1107 David Chow Ware College House
Brian Salzberg Williams Hall 23 612 Katie King Hill College House
Jorge J. Santiago-Aviles KCECH Class of '38 Lounge 711 Sunaina Seelam Kings Court/English CH
Kimberly Scata Williams Hall 24 212 Chris Van Orden, Pushkar Sohoni Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
Eric Schneider Williams Hall 205 610 Jordance Jolley Hill College House
Kristin Schwab Fisher-Bennett Hall 12 801 Kimberlee Clark Riepe College House
J. Sanford (Sandy) Schwartz Fisher-Hassenfeld Goldberg Lounge 209 Jenn Pitera, Katie Bailey Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
Deborah Sesok-Pizzini Williams Hall 306 1106 Laura Brockman Ware College House
Gwendolyn Shaw Gregory Van Pelt 108 301 Stuart Summerfield Gregory College House
Eileen Shore Towne Building 307 622 Craig Bruno Hill College House
Nicolaj Siggelkow and Dr. Deborah Watson Harnwell 8th Floor Lounge 402 Ivanco Talevski Harnwell College House
Larry Silver Jaffe 104 703 James Walker Kings Court/English CH
Lawrence Sipe Harrison 2303 505 Lara Aleman Harrison College House
Rebecca Stein Fisher-Bennett Hall 138 210 Alex Adkins Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
Betsey Stevenson Jon M. Huntsman Hall G90 201 Pamela Orozco Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
Albert Stunkard Williams Hall 301 817 Kerith Finegan Riepe College House
Janet Tighe Harrison M20 502 Theresa Gue Harrison College House
Daniel Traister Van Pelt-Dietrich Library, Lea Library 1115 Neil Jikaria Ware College House
Laura Simon Treml Williams Hall 317 605 Kevin Hudson Hill College House
John Tresch McNeil 110 606 Enid Chiu Hill College House
Michael Uram Williams Hall 5 603 Jarrett Anthony Hill College House
Christophe Van den Bulte Jon M. Huntsman Hall G86 1129 Bonnie Gable Ware College House
Fayyaz Vellani Hill Gallery 616 Zerlina (Zhujun) Zeng Hill College House
Sean Vereen Stouffer College House A-Section Lounge 1003 Kusha Sefat Stouffer College House
Joan Von Feldt Williams Hall 25 819 Andrew Weinhold Riepe College House
Ingrid Waldron Towne Building 309 820 Arielle Lutterman Riepe College House
Alan Wasserstein Williams Hall 27 713 Szoa Geng Kings Court/English CH
Stephanie Weaver Hill Upper East Lounge 615 John Reinhardt Hill College House
Michael Weisberg Riepe College House, 406 Baldwin 206 Richard Slavin, Becky Stephens Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
Patricia C Williams Du Bois Uchoraji Lounge 101 Jasmine Hulin Du Bois College House
Matthew Willmann Fisher-Bennett Hall 141 714 Gaurav Madan Kings Court/English CH
Jeffrey Winkler Fisher-Bennett Hall 407 1128 Kendal Beck Ware College House
Andrew Zitcer Williams Hall 6 216 Kenneth Morgan Fisher Hassenfeld Col Hse
Tukufu Zuberi McNeil 169 704 Arlin Tao Kings Court/English CH
Michael Zuckerman McNeil 103 815 Oren Isacoff Riepe College House



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