ombudsman building

Office of the Ombudsman

113 Duhring Wing / 236 S. 34th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6273
Phone: 215.898.8261


All members of the University community —faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students—may utilize the services of the ombudsman office, with the exception of labor union members and Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania employees who have their own grievance procedures.

Although each situation brought to the ombudsman office is unique, and therefore addressed individually, common services we provide include:

  • Attentive, non-judgmental listening
  • Conflict resolution and communication coaching
  • Generation and consideration of a range of possible resolutions
  • Mediation between two or more disputing parties
  • Detailed explanation of University policies and procedures
  • Forwarding matters to the attention of the higher levels of the administration
  • Referrals to other University resources
  • Promotion of fair and equitable treatment by the University of Pennsylvania for all members of its community

We do not:

  • Advocate for any individual, office, or resolution
  • Participate in formal hearings or grievance processes
  • Provide legal advice
  • Provide psychological counseling
  • Make rulings or conduct formal investigations
  • Set or modify policies or procedures

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