Except as may be otherwise provided by applicable law, all disciplinary proceedings, the identity of individuals involved in particular disciplinary matters, and all disciplinary files, testimony, and findings are confidential, in accordance with University policies and federal law concerning the confidentiality of student records. The full text of the University's confidentiality policies regarding student records is available here.

Disclosing Student Records

Ordinarily, in order to disclose student disciplinary records, the University must obtain the student's written consent. However, some important exceptions exist: Office of Student Conduct personnel may communicate with other University of Pennsylvania officials as necessary provided these officials have a legitimate educational interest in the matter as defined by University policy and federal law.

In addition, the Office of Student Conduct will disclose to the victim of an alleged sexual assault the results of the disciplinary matter referred to the Office of Student Conduct by that individual. The Office of Student Conduct may also, in its discretion, disclose the results of a disciplinary matter to the victim of an alleged crime of violence.

Parental Notification

In December 1999, the "Parental Notification" section of the confidentiality policy was revised to incorporate the new University guidelines on parental notification regarding alcohol and drug violations.