Applicability of Judicial Codes to Programs within Schools

School Student Judicial Charter Code of Academic Integrity
Masters Yes Yes
Ph.D. Yes Yes
Arts & Sciences
College Yes Yes
CGS (including English Language Program) Yes Yes
Graduate Division Yes Yes
Dental Medicine No No
Education Yes Yes
Engineering & Applied Science
Undergraduate Yes Yes
Masters Yes Yes
Ph.D. Yes Yes
Fine Arts Yes Yes
Law No No
M.D. No No
Biomedical Graduate Yes Yes
M.S. in Clinical Epidemiology No No
Undergrad Yes Yes
Graduate Yes Yes
Social Work Yes Yes
Veterinary Medicine No No
Undergrad Yes Yes
Wharton Evening Yes Yes
M.B.A. Yes No
Ph.D. Yes Yes

Where "No" appears, a school or program has developed its own procedures. Students should refer to the school bulletin for appropriate information.