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University Mediation Program

To request a mediation, or to ask questions about the program, please call 215-898-9880 or email Mediate@exchange.upenn.edu. The Mediation Program is located in room 207 Duhring Wing of the Fisher Fine Arts Library.

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About the Program

Under the Charter of the University of Pennsylvania Student Disciplinary System, the University places great emphasis on the use of mediation to resolve disputes involving Penn students. To help meet this goal, the Charter establishes the University Mediation Program. Under the Charter, "it is expected that most disciplinary matters brought to the Office of Student Conduct can and should be resolved through referral to the University Mediation Program and will not result in charges or disciplinary hearings." Schools within the University which have established their own student disciplinary bodies are likewise encouraged to refer disputes to the University Mediation Program whenever appropriate. Members of the University community - trustees, faculty, staff or registered students - are also encouraged to contact the Program directly about non-disciplinary disputes involving Penn students. Alleged violations of the Code of Academic Integrity are never referred for resolution by mediation.

What to Expect

When a student has received a disciplinary complaint letter from the Office of Student Conduct and is asked to speak with a staff member about the alleged violation, the student should expect, in appropriate cases, that the subject of mediation to resolve the dispute will be broached. The staff member will explain that mediation is an informal, confidential form of dispute resolution in which an impartial person (the mediator) provides a structure through which disputing parties can meet together or separately with the mediator, air their differences and propose, consider and reach agreement on ideas for resolving them. Disputes such as arguments that become physical, roommate conflicts, inter-fraternity problems, and neighborhood noise conflicts are examples of matters that could be appropriate for referral to the University Mediation Program.

Our Mediators

UMP mediators are faculty, students and staff members of the University community who have volunteered their services to the program, and are trained in mediation and dispute resolution. The UMP may also use resources available in the Law School. The UMP is recruiting interested Penn students to serve as mediators. If you have already received 24 hours of mediation training and are interested in mediating at Penn, the UMP would like to hear from you. If you have any questions about the University Mediation Program, please call 215-898-9880 or email Mediate@exchange.upenn.edu..