Welcome to the P2P Process Guide

The University's "Procure-to-Pay" (P2P) process is designed to make it easier for Penn faculty and staff, and our suppliers, to conduct procurement activity at Penn.  The P2P process enhancement project team has developed this process guide and the associated P2P reference materials to streamline the University's financial processes and provide clear guidance and instruction to the Penn community.  Making the University's financial processes transparent to all participants in the P2P process results in greater purchasing efficiency, less time spent on paperwork and stronger relationships with our suppliers.

The University has two approved methods for purchasing products or services (see “Authorized Buying Methods” for information) from external suppliers: the purchase order and purchasing card.  Links to the University’s payment methods; travel & entertainment reimbursement, and non-purchase order supplier payment (C-form) process documents are also available.

Check back often to see newly developed process and supporting information as it becomes available.  Please submit all procure-to-pay project related questions and concerns to the P2P Project team.