Purchasing Card - Definition of Roles

Customer Customer refers to any member of Penn's faculty or staff, or an authorized student, who determines that a certain product or service is needed, at a specific time and place.


Cardholder Cardholder refers to the owner of the card, who initiates purchase transactions in accordance with University policies and procedures and School/Center specific requirements. The cardholder has access to PaymentNet, the University's online transaction management system. The cardholder, in some cases, may also be the customer.

Supplier Supplier refers to a reputable company that provides high quality products or services to the University.


Reallocator Reallocator refers to a BEN Financials user that is assigned to reallocate cardholder transactions from the default account to the correct funding source or charge account. Reallocation occurs on a weekly basis.


Transaction approver Transaction approver refers to the person within a department or organization that is assigned to monitor purchases made by one or more of the cardholders. The transaction approver reviews transactions via PaymentNet and the monthly statement of account to ensure adherence to University policy and procedure.


TPurchasing card administrator Purchasing card administrator refers to the person responsible for reviewing and reconciling the weekly charge summary received from the card-issuing bank, and for preparing payment to that bank.


Management Management refers to senior business administrators and senior managers who perform audits and track business processes at the University.