Purchasing Card - Step 7

To ensure that the purchasing card process is functioning according to design, performance management and compliance measures are essential to the success of the program. Continual process improvement can be guided by meaningful metrics such as appropriate use of the purchasing card, compliance with supplier and commodity restrictions, appropriate review and oversight of transactions, and timely reallocation activity. Monitoring and resolving unnecessary process exceptions reduces administrative time and cost for Schools/Centers, central services, and our suppliers.

Step 7 Actions

Transaction ApproverPurchasing card process monitoring:

As the transaction approver you are expected to monitor card activity to ensure the appropriate use of purchasing cards within your organization. Purchasing card performance reports are available in PaymentNet to identify exceptions in the purchasing card process. You should work with management to review these reports and with your cardholders to eliminate exceptions and non-compliance to policy and procedures.

Purchasing card program performance metrics http://www.purchasing.upenn.edu/supply-chain/performance.php developed by Purchasing Services and the Purchasing Card Administrator are used to monitor cardholder performance and compliance with program related policies and procedures.

CustomerSavings opportunities:
Faculty and staff are required to utilize all cost savings opportunities including preferred contract suppliers to meet their buying requirements. Faculty and staff should consider using the BEN Buys purchasing system for a requirement when a cost savings may be realized through any one of the purchasing cost savings initiatives. Utilization of contract suppliers is monitored to ensure compliance and that the institution is leveraging its annual buying power. See here for more information: http://www.purchasing.upenn.edu/buyinfo/cost-savings-opportunities.php
CardholderSelecting the appropriate buying methods:

As the cardholder you are to use the following to ensure appropriate use of the purchasing card:


CardholderSupplier issues:
As a cardholder you are to resolve buying issues directly with your suppliers. After exhausting all options with a supplier, you should submit a dispute online via PaymentNet (see here http://www.purchasing.upenn.edu/buytools/paymentnet-quick-reference-guid...)  Purchasing Services is available (e-mail: purchasing_feedback@pobox.upenn.edu ) to address process issues with suppliers  to ensure that supplier business practices comply with University procurement policies and process.
System issues:
When exceptions are created as a result of the PaymentNet system, these problems must be documented and reported to pnet@pobox.upenn.edu so that they can be investigated and corrected.