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Data Mining
The analysis of database information; this usually involves identifying specific product information and codes, cleansing data and re-formatting it.

Default Account
A temporary holding account associated with a purchasing card and the cardholder’s School/Center department or office. Reallocators are responsible for allocating funds from the default account to the correct funding source or charge account.

Default Approver
The individual to whom your requisition or P.O. is systematically routed for additional approval. Each individual's Default Approver is determined by their School, Center, or department.

Deliver-To Location
The location where goods or services are to be delivered by the supplier. The default deliver-to location can be changed by you in the My Profile page. This default location is used on all your requisitions, but you can change the deliver-to information manually on any requisition or any item(s) on a requisition.

Digital Certificate
Used by a company to authenticate its identity online as an attachment to other documents or as a record kept on file. Digital Certificates are also used as a means to provide a public key to a trading partner, which encrypts information that a company sends so that only the supplier can read it.

Digital Signature
A series of numbers at the end of an email message or in an attachment that guarantees that the contents of a document or message have not been altered.