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Need-By Date
The date when you need the item or service delivered. Default value is set using the My Profile page based on order date plus a given number of days. The default need-by date is used on all your requisitions, however you can change the need-by date manually on any requisition or any line item(s) on a requisition.

Non-catalog request
An electronic request to procure supplies, services/maintenance and/or repairs not available in the Penn Marketplace. It is possible to include non-catalog items and catalog items on the same requisition.

Additional information or special instructions about the requisition that you want to bring to the attention of the approver.

Note to Buyer - not utilized by the University of Pennsylvania.

Note to Approver - note to the person who approves a requisition within your department describing budget information or reason for the request.

Notes generated by the system to notify you of an action you are To Do or that an action has been completed (FYI) or is to be completed in the future (FYI - Receipt Notification).