P2P Enhancement Project

Launched in February 2006, the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Enhancement Project (a partnership between Purchasing Services, Office of the Comptroller, Information Systems & Computing (ISC), and Financial Training) is intended to build upon the success of the past decade and further enhance the campus-wide purchase to pay process.

This project will identify opportunities to increase process efficiencies, provide new and enhanced training and support tools for system users, maximize strategic supplier relationships, and identify new cost containment opportunities. Project team members include representatives from Purchasing Services, Account Payable, Financial Systems, and Information Systems & Computing (ISC).

The P2P project team has identified five specific business objectives for the project:

  • Training: Enhance end user training to improve the quality of purchasing data entered into the purchasing system, leading to a reduction of process exceptions and administrative rework across the campus community and in central administration offices.
  • Process Improvements: Further streamline the entire procure-to-pay process, leading to a reduction of administrative time and effort related to the requisition creation and supplier payment processes.
  • Compliance: Collaborate with School and Center senior administrators to ensure compliance with internal requisitioning requirements, supplier invoice payment responsibilities, and utilization of preferred contract suppliers.
  • Supplier Payment: Ensure payment of supplier invoices according to agreed upon buyer/seller terms and conditions by Accounts Payable. In addition to increasing productivity and providing new cost containment opportunities, timely payment enhances supplier relationships and enables the P2P team to investigate new electronic invoicing and payment technologies that will lead to additional opportunities in the future.
  • Cost Containment: University wide, and School and Center specific, cost containment initiatives resulting in new cost containment opportunities for the institution.

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Please submit all Procure-to-Pay project related questions and concerns to the P2P Project team.