Purchase Order

The purchase order (P.O.) is the University's primary authorized buying method. A P.O. streamlines the typical transaction by requiring a requisitioner to be specific when ordering; legally committing the University to funding the purchase; allowing a supplier to deliver as requested; and, ultimately, when matched to a supplier invoice, enabling the University to pay the supplier within 30 days. Though the P.O. can be used for many purchases at the University, it is important to become familiar with the authorized buying methods before proceeding with the purchase.

The purchase order process can be viewed as a series of linked steps in which different participants play a role. The chart below provides an overview of who participates in each step, and the color-coded listing to the right provides a definition for each role. Each participant in the purchase order process plays an important part in making a transaction proceed smoothly - from a customer's informed purchasing behavior and a P.O. manager's accuracy and vigilance, to a supplier's cooperation in sending invoices directly to Accounts Payable. In addition to the step-by-step view of the process, the actions and responsibilities in any step pertaining to a single participant can be viewed separately, by clicking on one of the 7 roles to the right. 


Purchase Order Roles

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