Purchasing Card

The purchasing card is the University's secondary authorized buying method. The purchasing card functions similar to a credit card and is used for routine purchases. It expedites and simplifies the procurement process, reduces administrative costs associated with invoice processing, and ensures immediate payment to the supplier. It provides authorized employees who are delegated as departmental buyers with an effective tool to purchase and pay for routine, low dollar, non-restricted commodities from non-restricted suppliers. The latter also underscores the need to become familiar with the authorized buying methods at the University before proceeding with a purchase, as not all products or services can be made with a purchasing card!

The purchasing card process can be viewed as a series of linked steps in which different participants play a role. The chart below provides an overview of who participates in each step, and the color-coded listing to the right provides a definition for each role. Each participant in the purchasing card process plays a critical part in making a transaction proceed smoothly - from a cardholder's diligence in recording business purpose, a supplier's ability to deliver products and services, to a transaction approver's monitoring of purchases. In addition to the step-by-step view of the process, the actions and responsibilities in any one step pertaining to a single participant can be viewed separately, by clicking on one of the 7 roles to the right.


Purchase Card Roles Chart