Purchase Order - Step 2

The requisitioner must determine the authorized buying method if not already identified by the customer. Of the four authorized buying methods at the University—purchase order, the purchasing card, C-form, and T&E reimbursement—the purchase order is primary. The buying decision chart will help identify the authorized buying method to use for common product and service categories.

If a purchase order (P.O.) is the appropriate buying method, a requisitioner acts as agent for the customer to ensure that the P.O. is initiated correctly in the University's business and financial system (BEN Financials) and the purchase adheres to University procurement and disbursement financial policies. To the basic purchase specifications provided by the customer, the requisitioner adds details—such as line types (for non-catalog orders), source and funding information (if known), special instructions, and/or unique requirements for hazardous materials or equipment—needed to create and process the request for purchase (requisition) prior to the creation of a P.O. in Step 3.