Purchase Order - Step 3

The University's financial and legal commitment to purchase requested products or services is formalized in a purchase order (P.O.) to a supplier. Once a P.O. is issued, a School or Center is committing its funds and agreeing to pay the supplier within the specified terms. A supplier should not provide the requested products or services until the P.O. has been received. A supplier's invoice cannot be processed and paid in a timely manner without a corresponding P.O.

When the customer has identified a need (Step 1) and the requisitioner has initiated the purchase in the University's business and financial system (BEN Financials) in Step 2, the P.O. manager logs on to BEN Financials in order to:

  • Verify or enter the funding source
  • Ensure that sufficient funds are available
  • Review all information and details related to the purchase
  • Approve (or reject) the P.O. which will either:
    • Transmit the P.O. to the supplier either via Electronic Data Transfer (EDI) or fax
    • Forward the P.O. to the next approver in the approval hierarchy