Purchase Order - Step 4

Delivery of requested products or services marks a transition in the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process from Purchasing activity to Accounts Payable activity. For this transition to be successful, two important actions must be taken:

  • The customer must properly take delivery of the order.
  • When necessary, the P.O. manager must create a receipt for the order in the University's business and financial system (BEN Financials). Receipts are required in two cases: if a purchase is over $5,000 or if a requisitioner has specifically requested a receipt.

When the supplier delivers the products or services specified on the purchase order (P.O.), the customer (or requisitioner in his or her stead) has a responsibility to inspect, verify, and sign for satisfactory delivery—or, in the case of unsatisfactory delivery or performance, to initiate a claim and/or a return directly with the supplier and inform the business office of that action. Once the products or services have been received in good order, the customer or requisitioner should notify his or her departmental business administrator or local authorized staff so that the supplier's invoice can be processed and paid (Steps 5 and 6).