Penn in the News

Time — January 28, 2015

Anne Cappola of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on how metabolism and vascular function play a role in a person’s internal thermostat. — January 28, 2015

Undergraduate students who developed a headset called “Brand Killer: Adblock for Real Life” as a part of the PennApps Winter 2015 Hackathon are featured.

CBS 3 (Philadelphia) — January 28, 2015

Douglas Smith of the Perelman School of Medicine says, “Traumatic brain injury is one of the strongest environmental risk factors for developing Alzheimer’s disease. It’s linked with earlier dementia.”

El Pais — January 28, 2015

Eugenie Birch of the School of Design and Penn Institute for Urban Research discusses the importance of promoting citizen planning in urban areas.

Philadelphia Inquirer — January 27, 2015

Stephen Gluckman of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on chikungunya, a mosquito-borne illness.

American Interest — January 27, 2015

Richard Gelles of the School of Social Policy & Practice writes about what he thinks is missing from President Obama’s “America’s College Promise” plan.

New York Magazine — January 27, 2015

Adam Grant of the Wharton School shares his thoughts on why people do not always give credit where it is due.

New York Times — January 27, 2015

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg Public Policy Center says, “One has to understand there are three branches of government before you can understand balance of power.” — January 26, 2015

Penn’s commitment to local engagement and trailblazing role in procurement is cited.

Chronicle of Higher Education — January 26, 2015

Dean John Jackson of the School of Social Policy & Practice writes about his experience as a black college professor. — January 26, 2015

Undergraduates Tom CatulloAlex Crits-ChristophJonathan Dubin and Reed Rosenbluth are featured for creating “Brand Killer” at the PennApps Winter 2015 hackathon.

Washington Post — January 25, 2015

Doctoral student Johannes Eichstaedt of the School of Arts & Sciences says, “We now think of chronic stress as a chronic upregulation of the sympathetic nervous system.”

Philadelphia Inquirer — January 25, 2015

Charles Pollack of the Perelman School of Medicine is mentioned for leading a study about reversing the effects of Pradaxa.

WBUR Radio (Boston) — January 24, 2015

Maurice Schweitzer of the Wharton School is interviewed.

Philadelphia Inquirer — January 23, 2015

Andrew Siegel and Dominic Sisti of the Perelman School of Medicine write about giving teenagers the power to decide on life-saving treatment for themselves.

Fox Business — January 23, 2015

President Amy Gutmann talks about President Obama’s proposal to tax 529 college plans.

Philadelphia Inquirer — January 22, 2015

Daniel Polsky of the Perelman School of Medicine and the Wharton School comments on a Penn study on Medicaid reimbursements for physicians and the number of poor patients.

Philadelphia Inquirer — January 22, 2015

Bill Hanson of the University of Pennsylvania Health System is quoted about big-data initiatives in medicine.

“Newsworks,” WHYY Radio (Philadelphia) — January 22, 2015

Douglas Smith and Robert Siman of the Perelman School of Medicine discuss how a new blood test could indicate severity of concussions. — January 22, 2015

James McGann of the School of Arts & Sciences is mentioned for his work with compiling the 2014 Global Go To Think Tank Index.