Penn in the News

County Lines Magazine — September 1, 2014

Corinne Sweeney of the School of Veterinary Medicine is interviewed.

Philadelphia Inquirer — September 1, 2014

The Perelman School of Medicine’s Mariell Jessup and Lee Goldberg comment on a study on an experimental drug for heart failure.

The Hindu — September 1, 2014

Devesh Kapur of the School of Arts & Sciences is cited for a collaborative survey that traced the trajectory of Dalit entrepreneurs.

“Marketplace” — August 29, 2014

Iwan Barankay of the Wharton School speaks about businesses relying on bonuses.

Washington Post — August 29, 2014

John DiIulio of the School of Arts & Sciences pens an op-ed about expanding the federal public service by 1 million and pruning federal private contractors to make way for better, smaller government.

“Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane,” WHYY Radio (Philadelphia) — August 29, 2014

Adam Grant of the Wharton School talks about strategies to motivate employees.

New York Times — August 29, 2014

Cassie Mogilner of the Wharton School discusses studying what kind of experiences make people happy and why.

CBS News — August 29, 2014

Researchers from the School of Arts & Sciences and the School of Veterinary Medicine are highlighted for analyzing a 120-million-year-old fossil of a possible dinosaur nest.

San Jose Mercury News — August 29, 2014

Gabriela Richard of the Graduate School of Education says “There is a sense that, ‘Well, the women who play these games are attracted to the male narratives we already put out there so why should we change?’”

Bloomberg TV — August 29, 2014

Vijay Kumar of the School of Engineering and Applied Science discusses delivery drones and Google’s new “Project Wing.” — August 28, 2014

Laura Perna of the Graduate School of Education writes about the National Center for Education Statistics.

WNPR Radio (Hartford) — August 28, 2014

James McGann of the School of Arts & Sciences discusses American think tanks.

Bloomberg Businessweek — August 28, 2014

Kermit Roosevelt of the Law School shares his thoughts on the Department of Veterans Affairs decision not to comment on a suit involving the agency denying spousal benefits to gay veterans unless the state where they lived when they wed or applied for benefits recognizes their marriages.

“Newsworks,” WHYY Radio (Philadelphia) — August 28, 2014

Alison Sweeney of the School of Arts & Sciences is interviewed about studying the sex lives of corals.

Philadelphia Business Journal — August 28, 2014

President Amy Gutmann says, “These prizes invite students to think creatively, on a large scale, about the meaning of engagement.”

Australian Broadcasting Corp — August 27, 2014

Ian Lustick of the School of Arts & Sciences is interviewed about the ceasefire deal in Gaza.

Philadelphia Daily News — August 27, 2014

Penn Masala, is highlighted for making a cameo appearance in a feature film, “Pitch Perfect 2.”

New York Times — August 27, 2014

Alexey Komissarouk, who started PennApps, is quoted about the impact of giving students the opportunity to create groups. — August 27, 2014

School of Arts & Sciences doctoral student Brandon Hedrick and Peter Dodson of SAS and the School of Veterinary Medicine are highlighted for leading a study of 120 million-year-old dinosaur fossil. — August 26, 2014

Ezekiel Dixon-Román of the School of Social Policy & Practice contributes his thoughts on a need for government interventions in protecting people of color.