Penn in the News

New York Times — June 29, 2014

Growing up in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, Leonnie Lim was obsessed by Japanese pop culture. She did not know why but she knew she wanted to live and study one day in Japan. “At the age of seven, I requested my father to buy me a Japanese dictionary,” she said. “I self-learned Japanese, watching anime and manga.” By the time she was ready for university, she had developed a comprehensive interest in Japanese history, culture and art. She chose to go to Doshisha University in Kyoto, where she is majoring in Japanese studies and global culture. “This is where I feel close to the cultural and historical heart of Japan,” said Ms. Lim, now 20.

Time — June 28, 2014

Adam Grant of the Wharton School is quoted about how givers succeed more.

WPVI-TV (Philadelphia) — June 27, 2014

A study on immunotherapy by Nicola Mason of the School of Veterinary Medicine is discussed.

Time — June 27, 2014

Research conducted on race at historically black colleges and universities by Marybeth Gasman of the Graduate School of Education is cited.

The Notebook — June 27, 2014

Nancy Peter of the School of Social Policy & Practice talks about summer learning loss, how it impacts children and what parents can do to prevent it.

Philadelphia Inquirer — June 26, 2014

The Clinical Scholars program at Penn, long funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and highlighted for training doctors to be leaders, is said to be among those programs to be affected.

Philadelphia Daily News — June 26, 2014

Kevin Gillen of the School of Arts & Sciences comments on a SEPTA case.

Washington Post — June 26, 2014

Peter Cappelli of the Wharton School says, “If they’ve got to explain at a cocktail party that they work for an employer that’s some kind of pariah, it makes it a lot harder to recruit.”

Huffington Post — June 26, 2014

Undergraduate student Spencer Penn of the School of Engineering and Applied Science writes about leading a team that has designed a cavity fighting chewing gum and a plan for distributing it in the developing world.

Fast Company — June 26, 2014

Adam Grant of the Wharton School discusses three primary interaction styles at work labeled as takers, matchers, or givers. — June 26, 2014

Katherine Milkman of the Wharton School is cited for researching and finding evidence of racial and gender biases in faculty mentoring.

The Hill — June 26, 2014

Amy Jordan of the Annenberg Public Policy Center writes about the ‘word gap’ among children.

NBC News — June 26, 2014

Charles O’Brien of the Perelman School of Medicine talks about new strategies to beat alcoholism.

Washington Post — June 25, 2014

Matthew Bidwell of the Wharton School is cited for studying the difference in performance reviews between external and internal hires.

Philadelphia Inquirer — June 25, 2014

Emily Conant of the Perelman School of Medicine is featured for studying 3-D mammography. — June 25, 2014

Jack Nagel of the School of Arts & Sciences contributes an op-ed about the possible reorganization of the Pennsylvania legislature.

Associated Press — June 25, 2014

Items from a tomb excavation in Iraq that was jointly sponsored by the Penn Museum and the British Museum during the 1920s and 1930s are featured.

WWMT-TV (Michigan) — June 25, 2014

Nicola Mason of the School of Veterinary Medicine says, “the concept of the vaccine is to educate the immune system, to recognize tumor cells and kill them.” — June 25, 2014

Peter Decherney of the School of Arts & Sciences writes about the Supreme Court case involving the television antenna service Aereo.

USA Today — June 25, 2014

Stephanos Bibas of the Law School comments on directing Penn’s Supreme Court Clinic.