Penn in the News

Philadelphia Business Journal — August 3, 2007

President Amy Gutmann discusses Penn's commitment to need-based financial aid.

New York Times — August 2, 2007

Dean Michael Delli Carpini of the Annenberg School for Communication discusses the plan to safeguard Wall Street Journal editorial content following the sale of the newspaper’s parent company.

Cox News Service — August 2, 2007

Stephen Hoch of the Wharton School says marketing strategies can prove difficult in superstores.

Associated Press — August 1, 2007

Arthur Caplan of the School of Medicine says many people have fears about organ donation.

Philadelphia Inquirer — August 1, 2007

Marybeth Gasman of the Graduate School of Education discusses historically black universities.

Washington Post — August 1, 2007

H. Lee Sweeney of the School of Medicine discusses gene-doping.

National Public Radio — August 1, 2007

Peter Cappelli of the Wharton School discusses younger employees’ work ethic.

USA Today — August 1, 2007

Sean Hennessy of the School of Medicine discusses the risks of certain acne drugs.

WHYY-TV — August 1, 2007

Harris Steinberg of the School of Design is cited for his role in Delaware Waterfront redevelopment.

Seattle Times — July 31, 2007

Arthur Caplan of the School of Medicine says indecision about pharmaceutical policy is high in the U.S.

Reuters — July 31, 2007

James Nicholson of the School of Medicine is cited for his research on cesarean sections.

Time — July 31, 2007

Jacqueline French of the School of Medicine says intervals between seizures is important in determining treatment.

WTXF-TV — July 30, 2007

Vijay Kumar of the School of Engineering and Applied Science discusses Penn’s hosting of a student robotic challenge.

Philadelphia Inquirer — July 29, 2007

President Amy Gutmann discusses Jane Austen.

New York Times — July 29, 2007

John Glick of the School of Medicine says cancer treatment and diagnosis often vary from doctor to doctor.

Philadelphia Inquirer — July 28, 2007

President Amy Gutmann and Paul Sehnert of Facilities and Real Estate Services discuss new housing opportunities for Penn students.

Washington Post — July 28, 2007

Jack Guttentag of the Wharton School authors an op-ed on the financial consequences of loans.

WHYY-TV — July 27, 2007

Donald Kettl of the School of Arts and Sciences discusses leadership qualities in the context of the next Philadelphia mayoral administration.

New York Times — July 26, 2007

Dennis Culhane of the School of Social Policy and Practice says a homeless shelter’s success can depend on its design.

Philadelphia Inquirer — July 26, 2007

John DiIulio of the School of Arts and Sciences authors an op-ed on insurance legislation for children.