Penn in the News

Time Magazine — June 25, 2007 of the Annenberg Public Policy Center is cited as one of the top websites.

New York Times — June 24, 2007

Gino Segre of the School of Arts and Sciences is cited for his book “Faust in Copenhagen.”

Associated Press — June 24, 2007

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg School for Communication says talk TV and radio shows can shape political debates.

Washington Post — June 23, 2007

Jack Guttentag of the Wharton School authors the first of two pieces on loans.

Arizona Republic (Phoenix) — June 22, 2007

Donald Kettl of the School of Arts and Sciences comments on plans for a U.S. border virtual fence.

Philadelphia Inquirer — June 22, 2007

Harvey Rubin of Penn's Institute for Strategic Threat Analysis and Response and the School of Medicine co-authors an op-ed on international disease prevention and travel guidelines.

Philadelphia Inquirer — June 21, 2007

Mike Cirigliano of the School of Medicine says a new diet drug has risky side effects.

Philadelphia Inquirer — June 20, 2007

Katherine Moore of the School of Arts and Sciences discusses a 16th century gunshot wound.

Philadelphia Inquirer — June 19, 2007

William Burke-White and Adam Kolker of the Law School author an op-ed concerning U.S. relations with Iran.

Philadelphia Inquirer — June 18, 2007

Penn is cited for its part in redeveloping University City.

Washington Post — June 18, 2007

Edna Foa of the School of Medicine is cited for her work treating soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Los Angeles Times — June 18, 2007

Jean Macintosh Turfa of Penn Museum discusses ancient migration patterns.

Philadelphia Daily News — June 18, 2007

Lawrence Sherman of the School of Arts and Sciences and David Rudovsky of the Law School discuss the stop-and-frisk policing method.

Fox News — June 18, 2007

Vice President Anne Papageorge and Dan Garafalo of Facilities and Real Estate Services discuss the Penn composting and sustainability initiative.

Philadelphia Inquirer — June 18, 2007

The Center for Urban Redevelopment Excellence of the School of Design is cited for helping organize rebuilding efforts in New Orleans.

Miami Herald — June 15, 2007

Phoebe Leboy of the School of Dental Medicine says young women need environments that encourage diverse career options in science-related fields.

Philadelphia Inquirer — June 15, 2007

Bernard Anderson of the Wharton School discusses the importance of a father figure.

Los Angeles Times — June 15, 2007

Arthur Caplan of the School of Medicine discusses a case of alleged negligence at a California hospital.

Associated Press — June 15, 2007

Susan Wachter of the Wharton School says subprime mortgages may be endangering the economy.

KYW Radio — June 15, 2007

Laurie Cousart of Business Services discusses Penn’s use of alternative fuel.