Penn in the News

Philadelphia Inquirer — December 3, 2003
Michael Eric Dyson, professor of religious and Africana studies and author of "Open Mike: Reflections on Philosophy, Race, Sex, Culture and Religion," is a featured speaker on Tavis Smily's "Pass the Mic" speaking tour.
Los Angeles Times — December 2, 2003
Nathaniel Persily, professor of law, discusses how the Colorado Supreme Court's ruling on congressional redistricting could shift political power in the House.
Associated Press — December 2, 2003
Gary Dorshimer, assistant clinical professor of sports medicine, and Matthew Rusk, assistant professor of general internal medicine, discuss the effectiveness of weight-loss strategies when combined with doctor recommendations and counseling.
Christian Science Monitor — December 1, 2003
Dennis Culhane, associate professor of social welfare, says Chicago's 10-year plan to end homelessness can be attained by expanding and converting the shelter system into permanent housing.
Associated Press — December 1, 2003
James Keller, research assistant, comments on research conducted using Segway scooters as platforms for robotic military applications.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 30, 2003
Richard Gelles, dean of the School of Social Work, discusses challenges that foster parents face when working with New Jersey's Division of Youth and Family Services.
Chicago Tribune — November 30, 2003
David Skeel, professor of law, says the Securities and Exchange Commission doesn't have the ability to police all small public companies required to comply with the new corporate financial accountability legislation.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 30, 2003
Michael Cirigliano, assistant professor of internal medicine, says individuals taking statin drugs should be aware that the drug's potency can increase and lead to troubling side effects if grapefruit is a part of their diet.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 30, 2003
Bruce Mann, professor of law, says lawyers must prove that the Barnes Foundation is in such poor financial condition that a judge will allow the foundation to break its charter restrictions and move the art collection to a more profitable location.
Associated Press — November 30, 2003
Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, comments on issue-advocacy advertisements.
Washington Post — November 29, 2003
Shannon Mattern, history of art lecturer, discusses how the public's involvement in a new building's design review process, which includes discussions, criticisms and recommendations, can be ultimately ignored by the design team.
Washington Post — November 27, 2003
Donald Ringe, professor of linguistics, says the new method of language analysis compares words and provides a partial reconstruction of our ancestor language but doesn't answer basic questions like when and where the language was spoken.
International Herald Tribune — November 24, 2003
Amy Kaplan, professor of English, says America's relationship with Iraq could be similar to Cuba where, after years of occupation, the United States forced the Platt Amendment which granted America its lease of Guantanamo Bay.
U. S. News & World Report — November 17, 2003
Daniel Rader, director of preventive cardiology, comments on the results of a five-week trial using a synthetic version of HDL, known to remove cholesterol from the walls of coronary arteries.
U.S. News & World Report — November 17, 2003
Thomas Wadden, director of the Weight and Eating Disorders Program, says dieters who participate in programs with face-to-face meetings have better weight loss results than dieters who participate in Internet programs.
Washington Post — November 12, 2003
George Ehrlich, professor of rheumatology, agrees that most people experience chronic pain at some point in their lives, but he disputes whether fibromyalgia is a unique medical condition that warrants a special diagnostic category.
USA Today — November 12, 2003
Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, says Howard Dean's initial response to the public's outcry against his Confederate flag comments could be seen as too defensive for a presidential candidate.
Newsweek — November 10, 2003
Andrew Newberg, clinical associate professor of radiology, says more medical professionals are acknowledging the effects of meditation and prayer on the brain.
Philadelphia Inquirer — November 10, 2003
Joan Weinryb, assistant professor of geriatrics, recommends knowing your loved-one's wishes about dying, and John Hansen-Flaschen, chief of pulmonary and critical care, discusses caring for advanced dementia patients.
Washington Post — November 10, 2003
Thomas Wadden, director of the Weight and Eating Disorders Program, says the results of a year-long assessment of popular diet programs show that no single approach has a monopoly on weight loss.