Penn in the News

Boston Globe — June 27, 2005
Arthur Caplan of the School of Medicine's Center for Bioethics condemns sex-selection pregnancy tests.
Washington Post — June 27, 2005
Lynn M. Schuchter of the School of Medicine discusses problems in chemotherapy for a pregnant woman.
Christian Science Monitor — June 27, 2005
Kent Smetters of Penn's Wharton School says the Social Security Trust Fund has probably increased federal debt.
Philadelphia Inquirer — June 26, 2005
Harris Steinberg of the School of Design comments on the issue of where to locate slots parlors.
Chronicle of Higher Education — June 24, 2005
Master's students at Penn's Wharton School use computer simulations to learn how to negotiate.
Philadelphia Business Journal — June 24, 2005
Dean Arthur H. Rubenstein of the School of Medicine points out that Penn's grant funding increased at a dramatically higher rate last year than the overall NIH awards increase.
New Orleans Times-Picayune — June 21, 2005
"In the Shadow of the Law" by Kermit Roosevelt of the Law School is reviewed, and Professor Roosevelt is called "the Next Big Thing."
Chronicle of Higher Education — June 21, 2005
Susan Fuhrman, dean of the Graduate School of Education, discusses the "myth" that the SAT scores of graduates of secondary-education programs are not comparable to other college graduates' SAT scores.
HealthDay — June 21, 2005
Richard Stone of the School of Medicine comments on his research indicating that breast-feeding babies lessens the chance they will later develop nearsightedness.
CBC News — June 21, 2005
Penn's BLAST telescope lands safely on Victoria Island, and Mark Devlin of the School of Arts and Sciences discusses the future of the information gained.
MTV News — June 21, 2005
The nicotine research of Julie Blendy of the School of Medicine is featured.
Financial Times — June 21, 2005
David Skeel of the Law School co-authors an opinion piece on corporate-takeover regulations in the U.S. and the U.K.
New York Times — June 20, 2005
H. Ralph Schumacher of the School of Medicine says experts are unsure why gout most often strikes in big toes.
Philadelphia Inquirer — June 20, 2005
Scott L. Diamond of the School of Engineering and Applied Science is profiled for receiving a $9.5 million NIH grant to create a public library of potentially therapeutic molecules. — June 20, 2005
Marshall Blume and Richard Marston of Penn's Wharton School are quoted about hedge funds.
Associated Press — June 20, 2005
Penn's BLAST telescope, now in British Columbia, "will address ... important cosmological and galactic questions," says Mark Devlin of the School of Arts and Sciences.
Voice of America — June 19, 2005
Law School student Ke Wan explains why he wanted to study in the U.S.
Philadelphia Inquirer — June 19, 2005
The work of Patrick McGovern of the Penn Museum in determining the ingredients of ancient beer is cited.
Orlando Sentinel — June 19, 2005
Douglas Smith of the School of Medicine's Center for Brain Injury and Repair says that amusement-park thrill rides, when operating properly, are generally safe.
Washington Post — June 19, 2005
Joseph Turow of Penn's Annenberg School for Communication writes about the "culture of suspicion" that includes pricing schemes for online sales.