Penn in the News

Religion News Service — August 25, 2005
Joseph Lowry of the School of Arts and Sciences says colonialism "disrupted" Islamic law.
San Diego Union-Tribune — August 24, 2005
Anita Allen of the Law School comments on the ethical dilemma of pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions that conflict with their conscience.
HealthDay News — August 24, 2005
Drew Weissman of the School of Medicine discusses his teams’ research on RNA and how it affects the immune system.
Wall Street Journal — August 24, 2005
Bill Cody of Penn’s Wharton School suggests many retailers’ market old sale campaigns with new names.
Boston Globe — August 23, 2005
Kathy Peiss of the School of Arts and Sciences says celebrity endorsements have changed the face of marketing.
Newsweek — August 23, 2005
Dean Lee Stetson of Admissions fields questions about Penn from around the globe in an hour-long interactive chat.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch — August 23, 2005
Sheldon Zink of the School of Medicine discusses the privatization of campaigning for donor organs.
USA Today — August 22, 2005
Peter Cappelli of Penn’s Wharton School comments on the union politics behind a recent airline strike.
Boston Globe — August 21, 2005
Catherine Struve of the Law School discusses alternate routes for determining malpractice damages.
New York Times — August 20, 2005
Garret Fitzgerald of the School of Medicine says new filters might be needed to protect pharmaceutical companies and their patients from bad reactions to drugs.
Baltimore Sun — August 19, 2005
Daniel Sterman of the School of Medicine relays doubts about the priority of lung cancer research.
USA Today — August 19, 2005
Brooks Jackson of Penn's Annenberg School for Communication comments on the motives behind many partisan political attacks.
Philadelphia Inquirer — August 19, 2005
Sue Smith of College Houses and Academic Services discusses the newfound popularity of dorm decorating.
Associated Press — August 18, 2005
Joseph Bavaria and Jeffrey Carpenter of the School of Medicine say new technology offers better options in cardiac surgery.
Boston Globe — August 17, 2005
Brendan O’Leary of the School of Arts and Sciences participates in an international human rights convention in Bosnia.
U.S. News and World Report — August 17, 2005
Dwight Evans of the School of Medicine highlights the differences between moodiness and clinical depression.
Philadelphia Inquirer — August 17, 2005
James Orsini of the School of Veterinary Medicine warns derby hopefuls of the risks of running young, fragile-boned horses.
Wilmington News-Journal — August 16, 2005
Pedro Beredjiklian of the School of Medicine suggests slight alterations to work settings to prevent repetitive stress injuries.
Associated Press — August 16, 2005
Edward Emmet of the School of Medicine discusses his research on C-8 in the bloodstream.
New York Daily News — August 16, 2005
Arthur Caplan of the School of Medicine offers ethical concerns about early gender identification.