Penn Open Learning Fosters Academic Engagement Across Continents

After meeting online as students in University of Pennsylvania music professor Carol Muller’s open learning course, a professor at a small college in Central Appalachia and a teacher at a university in Ecuador began a dynamic collaboration.

Penn Grad’s Thesis Work With German Youth Leads to Anti-hate Campaign

Doing doctoral research in a ninth grade music classroom in Hamburg, Germany, set Emily Joy Rothchild on a path to work with students on a recently released CD and music video that tackles the tough topics of terrorism, Islamophobia and hate.

PennDesign's Barnett Argues for Ecodesign for Cities and Suburbs in New Book

As the global population grows and more people move to cities and suburbs, they place greater stress on the operating system of our planet.

Serendipitous Path Opens Doors to an Education at Penn

Jason Morgan held a variety of jobs through his 30s, but it was a job lay-off during the economic downturn that led him to the University of Pennsylvania. In 2009, Morgan lost his job as a wedding photographer but soon found a job as a clerk at a restaurant on the Penn campus.

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Penn in the news

Nina Simone’s Time Is Now, Again June 19, 2015 | New York Times

Salamishah Tillet of the School of Arts & Sciences writes about the legacy of singer Nina Simone.

In Syria, Islamic State Group Apparently Spares Palmyra’s Stunning Ruins – For Now May 28, 2015 | Science

Katharyn Hanson of the Museum is quoted about a bill presented to the United States House of Representatives that would ban importing Syrian antiquities to the U.S.

Technology Helps Unlock Secrets of Mummies May 26, 2015 | CBS News

Janet Monge of the Museum says, “Ancient mummies are an especially rich source of information about past human biological conditions as they originated worldwide and from different cultures and time periods.”

Video: ISIS Sells Relics on Black Market to Fund Attacks May 21, 2015 | CNN

Katharyn Hanson of the Museum’s Penn Cultural Heritage Center talks about ISIS’ threat to the ancient city of Palmyra and ways to protect its ruins.

Pitch Perfect 2: All the Details Behind Penn’s A Cappella Group Cameo May 13, 2015 | People.com

Penn Masala is highlighted for appearing in upcoming movie, Pitch Perfect 2.

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