Linda Aiken of Penn Nursing Has Received Lienhard Award From Institute of Medicine

Linda Aiken has received this honor for her research demonstrating the importance of nursing care and work environments in achieving patient-centered, affordable health care.

Penn Physician and Historian Robert Aronowitz Elected to Institute of Medicine

Robert Aronowitz, a physician and historian at the University of Pennsylvania, has been elected to membership in the Institute of Medicine, one of the nation's highest honors in the health-care field.

Enriching Internship Could Lead to a Career for Penn Student

Jane Wu is getting an early start at the University of Pennsylvania on a possible future career in research to help save the environment and preserve human health.

Penn-University of Florida Team Treats Pulmonary Hypertension Through the Leaves of Plants

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Florida have identified a drug that can be used to treat pulmonary hypertension, a disease for which few therapy options exist.

Campus & Community


  • Dorothy Roberts

    Dorothy Roberts: Bringing Different Perspectives into Class

    When Dorothy Roberts was 3 months old, she moved with her parents from Chicago to Liberia, where her mother, Iris, had worked as a young woman after leaving Jamaica.

  • ‘Bash’ Brings Together Pediatric and Canine Craniofacial Patients

    ‘Bash’ Brings Together Pediatric and Canine Craniofacial Patients

    On the evening of Tuesday, Oct. 7, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia hosted the second annual “Best Friends Bash” for 15 of their craniofacial patients.

  • PIK Prof Chris Murray: From Industry to Ivy League

    PIK Prof Chris Murray: From Industry to Ivy League

    For Christopher B. Murray, the promise of major investments in nanoscale science and technology—including a commitment to build what is now the world-class Krishna P.

  • PIK Prof Robert Ghrist: The Power of Online Learning

    PIK Prof Robert Ghrist: The Power of Online Learning

    A revolution in online learning, “Calculus: Single Variable,” Robert Ghrist’s popular Coursera course, contains 16 hours of hand-drawn video, and has attracted more than 13…

  • The World-Changing Work of PIK Professors

    The World-Changing Work of PIK Professors

    President Amy Gutmann’s 2005 announcement of the Penn Integrates Knowledge (PIK) initiative has made Penn a particularly enticing home for professors whose world-renowned work bridges multiple academic disciplines.

  • Network Visualization Program fuses Science and Art

    Network Visualization Program Fuses Science and Art

    Science and art are often perceived to be at opposite ends of the academic spectrum. But Danielle Bassett, a 2014  MacArthur Fellow, believes the two disciplines can inform each other in tangible ways.

  • Advice for the Class of 2018

    Advice for the Class of 2018

    Two campus residents have some advice for incoming freshman. Pace yourself—Rome wasn’t built in a day. Maintain reasonable expectations. Enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of living on campus.

  • Class of 2018 Convocation

    Class of 2018 Convocation

    The Class of 2018 and transfer students received a rousing Penn welcome on the day before the start of classes.Led by the Penn Band, more than 2,400 students streamed onto College Green on Aug. 26 for Convocation. The Glee Club and a capella group Off The Beat entertained under multi-colored lights hung outside of College Hall.

  • Move-in Day for Class of 2018

    Move-in Day for Class of 2018

    On Thursday, Aug. 21, and Friday, Aug. 22, more than 2,400 freshmen and their families arrived at Penn, unloading cars and pushing wheeled cardboard boxes filled with bedding, clothes, and other necessities to their new campus homes.

  • Penn Employee Transforms Health Due to ‘Be in the Know’

    Penn Employee Transforms Health Due to ‘Be in the Know’

    The Division of Human Resource’s (HR) “Be in the Know” campaign is a program designed to give Penn faculty and staff better insight into their health status—as well as a $100 incentive, less applicable payroll taxes.

Penn in the news

College Roommate? No Thanks. Many Students Are Opting for Privacy October 1, 2014 | Philadelphia Inquirer

College House and Academic Services’ Marty Redman talks about students who request single rooms in college houses. Undergraduates Antoinette Radcliffe and David Glanzman comment on their experiences.

Westward, Ho! Penn’s Homeownership Incentive Boundaries On the Move September 26, 2014 | CBS3 News (Philadelphia)

The westward expansion of Penn’s home-ownership incentive program is featured.

9-21 Insight Adrian Peterson and the Controversy Over Corporal Punishment September 19, 2014 | WUSL Radio (Philadelphia)

Chad Dion Lassiter of the School of Social Policy & Practice discusses NFL player Adrian Peterson and corporal punishment in the African-American community.

Phila. Rates Highest Among Top 10 Cities for Deep Poverty September 25, 2014 | Philadelphia Inquirer

Roberta Iversen of the School of Social Policy & Practice comments on the root cause of deep poverty.

University of Pennsylvania Tops ‘Billionaire Alumni’ List September 18, 2014 | Philly.com

According Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census 2014, Penn tops the list of billionaire undergraduate alumni.

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