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Penn in the news

Penn Researcher Danielle Bassett Wins a ‘Genius Grant’ September 17, 2014 | Philadelphia Inquirer

Danielle Bassett of the School of Engineering and Applied Science is featured for receiving a grant from the MacArthur Foundation.

University of Pennsylvania Expands Homeownership Incentive Program September 16, 2014 | WCAU-TV (Philadelphia)

Penn’s homeownership incentive program is highlighted for its expansion.

Penn Expands Homeownership Incentive Program for Its Workers September 15, 2014 | Philadelphia Business Journal

Penn is featured for expanding the homeownership incentive program.

More Colleges Digitalizing Traditional Bookstore September 12, 2014 | Philadelphia Tribune

Vice President Marie Witt of Business Services talks about redesigning the Penn Bookstore to adapt to changing consumer behavior.

City School Crisis Dire for Us All September 11, 2014 | Philadelphia Inquirer

John Landis of the School of Design shares his thoughts on policies that discourage families with school age children.