The following quotes from Penn professors and others appeared in publications across the country and around the world.

"In previous generations, you could have a high school education and make a decent income. Now you have to be a technical guy or a college graduate. But, let's face it, a million bucks is still a lot of money."
--F. Gerard Adams, a professor of economics and finance at Wharton, commenting in an article about the rising number of millionaires in the United States and how they are becoming a separate class from the extremely wealthy multimillionaires and billionaires (Los Angeles Times, Tuesday, Jan. 28).

"I think there is tremendous potential for racial and ethnic strife and political instability in the United States."
--Douglas S. Massey, Dorothy S. Thomas professor of sociology, talking about the growing isolation of the poor in inner cities (Newsweek, Monday, Jan. 27).

"The front seat has never been a safe place, whether there's an air bag there or not."
--Dr. Flora Winston, assistant professor of pediatrics at the Medical Center, talking about the recent fears that car air bags could harm children and adults without seat belts (Consumer Reports, February).

"Something we do automatically generally doesn't lead to self-examination. Without self-examination, there's no hope for change."
--Howard Stevenson, an assistant professor of education, saying that many ingrained beliefs not defined as racist really are racist (Philadelphia Inquirer, Monday, Jan. 20).

--assembled by Sunil Kumar

Originally published on February 25, 1997