What CDs are getting the most play

Music lovers on Locust Walk told us which CDs they were wearing holes through. Classical is definitely out. American and British CDs are in.

  • Mateo Ferguson, Wharton, Class of 1999
    Joe, "All That I Am"
    "For the R&B lover in all of us. A voluptuous mixture of sensual rhythms and soulful ballads."

  • Kristin Meyer, College, Class of 2000
    Ida, "I Know About You"
    "This is the second of three Ida albums and it is absolutely incredible. The lyrics are passionate and amazingly honest. Ida's trademark is a clear sound free of catchy jingles or an air-brushed finish. The male/female harmonies add the finishing musical touches on the perfectly poetic lyrics. Ida is on the Simple Machines label, owned by Kristin Thompson and Jenny Twomey of Tsunami."

  • Soneela Nankani, College, Class of 2001
    George Michael, "Older"
    "It's a lot more mellow than his older stuff, but the lyrics carry a lot more meaning. They're beautiful, that's why he's one of my favorite artists. I think that's where his real talent lies, in his lyrics. The CD singles from "Older" have some amazing b-sides and songs from live performances."

  • Neha Champaneria, Wharton, Class of 1999
    LL Cool J, "All World"
    "My roommate and I were listening to this yesterday. Don't laugh."

  • Craig McGettigan, CGS, Class of 1998
    "Grosse Pointe Blank" soundtrack
    "This CD has a lot of good tracks, but the standouts are two songs by The Clash and the Violent Femmes' new version of "Blister In the Sun."

  • John Stephens, College, Class of 1999
    Stevie Wonder, "Innervisions"
    "I've been digging this old album. As always, there is some brilliant stuff on there."

  • Leigh Esposito, College, Class of 2001 "Rent" soundtrack
    "Just as good as the reviews say."

  • Kourosh Pirouz, College, Class of 1999
    Van Morrison, "Moondance"
    "The best Van Morrison album I've heard -- great instrumental music."

  • Matt Johnson, College, Class of 1999
    Winx, "Left Above the Clouds"
    "This is a great techno album. The sounds and songs are cool, but the real strength is in the variety. It's got slow, mellow, hard, fast -- every mood is covered."

  • Jason Aron, Engineering, Class of 1999
    U2, "The Joshua Tree"
    "Even after 11 years, this CD holds up. It's great to, well, study to."

    --Gabriel Aherne

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Originally published on January 28, 1998