How we're coping with Valentine's Day

A lot of us will spend Valentine's Day -- with or without sweethearts --with food. More than one chocolate lover shared their passion. No surprise there. So, attached or single, read these suggestions from your compadres on how to spend the day of love.

  • Melissa Gluck, College, Class of 2000
    I'll probably go to a cafe or something with my good friends who are also bemoaning being single.

  • Jennifer Gutierrez, College, Class of 2000
    Spend Valentine's Day on a big couch in front of a big TV eating popcorn... or ice cream... or both.

  • Joe Smith, Engineering, Class of 2001
    First, I'd go to an Italian restaurant with my girlfriend, and then to a romantic movie.

  • Kyoung Ran Kim, College, Class of 1999
    If I had some extra cash, I would buy lots and lots of flowers -- anything except red roses ... probably yellow. And I'd also like to get some freesia. I might give some to my girlfriends -- those who aren't attached -- to see the smiles on their faces. But I want a whole bunch just to look at and smile at myself, since I probably won't get anything from anyone else.

  • Meredith Hertz, College, Class of 1998
    I'd go to a nice candlelight dinner and then go to New York to see a symphony or something. But I think being with the people you want to be with is the most important thing.

  • Lauren Axley, College, Class of 1999
    I'm probably going to go to the Philadelphia Orchestra Valentine's Concert.

  • Lonzie Coleman, College, Class of 2000
    Get a manicure, a pedicure, get your nails done, get your hair done, and then go shopping. That's basically it.

  • Robert Reeves, Engineering, Class of 2001
    Doing anything except homework

  • Joseph Kim, Wharton, Class of 1999
    I'll just eat some chocolate since I don't have a girlfriend.

  • Ofer Sagiv, Engineering, Class of 2000
    I would go to Marrakesh, a really good Moroccan restaurant, with my girlfriend.

  • Phoebe Choi, College Class of 1999
    Since I'm such a chocoholic, I would go to the best chocolate store in Philly with my roommate, and we'd pick out a very nice heart-shaped chocolate and buy some strawberries. Then we'd go to a book shop to hang out, read poetry and drink coffee. And then we'd come home and make strawberry fondue and watch a movie like "An Affair to Remember." Or I'd go on Oprah and try to find my first love.

    -- Nancy H. Park

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Originally published on February 12, 1998