What we eat when we need sustenance for study

Carbo-loading or chips? Caffeine or candy? Our reporter on Locust Walk found students who swore by all of the above -- and then some -- when it's time to take a study break.

Farzana Gandhi, College, Class of 2001
"I am completely addicted to Smartfood Popcorn because that's the only thing they sell in our commissary."

Nami Kim, College, Class of 2000
"Chocolate, because it's sweet. When I'm stressed out, I need something in my mouth that's sweet."

Lisa Lerer, College, Class of 2001
"Hostess Cupcakes. But they don't have them in the commissary; they just have Tastykakes, and it drives me nuts -- it's really upsetting."

Tzyy Haur Yeh, College, Class of 2000
"Dried plums, because they're really salty and sour. They keep me awake so I don't fall asleep. And they don't distract me when I study since they're small."

Alfred Wang, College, Class of 1998
"Anything chocolate. And also eggs, because of the symbolism of fertility."

Mark Sand, Engineering, Class of 2000
"I eat Rold Gold Pretzels. Mmm... good."

Margaret Allen, College, Class of 2001
"Bagels and cream cheese... it's a therapeutic food."

Asha Maliakal, Engineering, Class of 2000
"Pringles, because it's so easy to go through a whole can of them -- 'Once you pop, you can't stop,' really."

Emi Kotoh, Nursing, Class of 2000
"Japanese candy. It's hard, and when you're stressed out, you can crunch on it and it'll break. I like to munch on it, and it just crumbles to pieces."

Sivia Kaufman, College, Class of 2001
"Fat-free microwavable popcorn, because it takes a really long time to eat. I can usually get at least two or three chapters of econ done."

Laura Goldstein, College, Class of 1998
"I drink a lot of tea. It's got caffeine, and it's hot and warm. And carrots are good, too."

Susan Park, College, Class of 1999
"I don't snack anymore when I study, but freshman year, I used to eat pretzels. It's not fattening, and it gives carbohydrates. It's just like a fruit because it's light."

--Nancy Park

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Originally published on February 26, 1998