What we eat when we need sustenance for study

Carbo-loading or chips? Caffeine or candy? Our reporter on Locust Walk found students who swore by all of the above -- and then some -- when it's time to take a study break.

  • Farzana Gandhi, College, Class of 2001
    "I am completely addicted to Smartfood Popcorn because that's the only thing they sell in our commissary."

  • Nami Kim, College, Class of 2000
    "Chocolate, because it's sweet. When I'm stressed out, I need something in my mouth that's sweet."

  • Lisa Lerer, College, Class of 2001
    "Hostess Cupcakes. But they don't have them in the commissary; they just have Tastykakes, and it drives me nuts -- it's really upsetting."

  • Tzyy Haur Yeh, College, Class of 2000
    "Dried plums, because they're really salty and sour. They keep me awake so I don't fall asleep. And they don't distract me when I study since they're small."

  • Alfred Wang, College, Class of 1998
    "Anything chocolate. And also eggs, because of the symbolism of fertility."

  • Mark Sand, Engineering, Class of 2000
    "I eat Rold Gold Pretzels. Mmm... good."

  • Margaret Allen, College, Class of 2001
    "Bagels and cream cheese... it's a therapeutic food."

  • Asha Maliakal, Engineering, Class of 2000
    "Pringles, because it's so easy to go through a whole can of them -- 'Once you pop, you can't stop,' really."

  • Emi Kotoh, Nursing, Class of 2000
    "Japanese candy. It's hard, and when you're stressed out, you can crunch on it and it'll break. I like to munch on it, and it just crumbles to pieces."

  • Sivia Kaufman, College, Class of 2001
    "Fat-free microwavable popcorn, because it takes a really long time to eat. I can usually get at least two or three chapters of econ done."

  • Laura Goldstein, College, Class of 1998
    "I drink a lot of tea. It's got caffeine, and it's hot and warm. And carrots are good, too."

  • Susan Park, College, Class of 1999
    "I don't snack anymore when I study, but freshman year, I used to eat pretzels. It's not fattening, and it gives carbohydrates. It's just like a fruit because it's light."

    --Nancy Park

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Originally published on February 26, 1998