Who we'll miss most when "Seinfeld" ends

After nine years of New York angst with Jerry, George, Kramer, Elaine, even Nnnnewman, they're leaving us -- except, of course, in reruns, where they'll live in perpetuity. Who will we mourn the most, we wondered, when they exist only on the great rerun network in the sky?

  • Ranil DeSilva
    College, 2001

    "I will miss George because he reminds me of myself."
  • James Blumenthal
    College, 1999

    "I will miss George. I like the little people."
  • Duare Valenzuela
    College, 2001

    "I'll miss George the most because he's just so pathetic that it's funny, in an 'at least your life can't get worse than his' sort of way."
  • Jon Weinbach
    Wharton, 1999

    "I will miss George. I like his spunk the most out of the 'Seinfeld' cast."
  • Bradley Block
    College, 2001

    "I'll miss George because Kramer's character is too repetitive and Elaine is annoying. That leaves George and Jerry, and I just think George's character is more amusing."
  • Caroline Wolfe
    College, 2000

    "I am going to miss Jerry the most because I thought he added the best comic balance to the insanity of the other characters."
  • Vladimir Galiothe
    Wharton, 2001

    "Over the years Elaine has gotten hotter, so I may miss her the most, but then again when I really think about it each character had their high moment. Currently I think that George's character has become the one that will leave the most impressionable mark."
  • Allan Gubbins
    SEAS, 2001

    "I think I will miss George the most because I think he is the funniest and he also reminds me of my dad and his behavior."
  • Adam Schiff
    College, 2001

    "I will miss a lot of characters, but probably George's parents the most. They make me laugh every time they appear with their screaming and basic hatred of each other. I will also miss Elaine's boyfriend David Puddy, who she keeps breaking up with. He is hilarious."
  • Brad Richardson
    HUP employee

    "The character I will miss the most after the end of 'Seinfeld' is Jerry Seinfeld. In a program that is now just a cliched shell of a once amazingly intelligent, provocative and funny show, Jerry Seinfeld is still a character that can make me laugh."
  • Alisha Smith
    College, 2001

    "I will miss Kramer the most because his stupidity and twisted logic have made some fabulous episodes."
  • Mike Larsen
    College, 2001

    "Well...I would have to say Kramer. Much of his humor comes from physical comedy and may not be quite as clever as some of the other characters, but he is hilarious. Also, unlike Jerry, George, and Elaine who have their moments, Kramer is consistently great. I do have to give a mention to David Puddy however. His dry humor cracks me up."

    -- Nathaniel Glasser

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    Originally published on April 2, 1998