Prescriptions for recovering from finals

Sleeping works for some. Physical activity works for others. And then there are the screamers.

  • Adam Maschado, College, Class of 1998
    "Usually, I walk around yelling, screaming, and hooting."

  • Jason Mayer, College, Class of 1998
    "It takes me about a week to relax. I get sick and stressed, and then I just chill out. I try not to move or anything."

  • Jason Miller, College, Class of 1998
    "Usually, I have a long cleansing sleep. Sometimes, I punch things. But not always, depends on the final. Sometimes a punching bag, sometimes concrete -- rarely living beings."

  • Jennifer Tan, College, Class of 1999
    "Usually, I finish on the last day, so I stay up all night packing. But I also bake cookies while I'm packing, and then I give them away to friends when I say bye."

  • Alexander Chang, Wharton, Class of 2000
    "Well, right after the last final, I just shout - like AHHH!!! It's a stress reliever. I also have a good meal -- just go to a restaurant and cool off."

  • Peter Schell, College, Class of 2000
    "I play computer games, like Minesweeper. I'll play about 57 times -- I can't stop. But it'll only take about 20 minutes, not very long. And then I also play the guitar."

  • Amy Chien, Wharton, Class of 1999
    "Once, I ended early, and I hung out and cut people's hair."

  • Phoebe Choi, College, Class of 1999
    "This year, my two friends, my roommate and I are going to jump in the car and high-tail it to my friend's grandfather's cottage in the woods in Montreal. We're gonna sunbathe in bikinis and bake and eat goodies that will make us glad that we're sunbathing in private."

  • Mohammad Machzouni, College, Class of 2001
    "I just like to go home, hang out with friends, and forget about school for a while. I just try to stay away from work."

  • Eugene Kang, Wharton, Class of 1998
    "I always play sports because I have all this extra energy that I need to relieve."

  • Aderonke Awe, College, Class of 1999
    "Shopping. I'll probably go to a mall back at home. Just browsing and clothes shopping. And specifically shoe shopping, too."

  • Katie Kalbach, Nursing, Class of 2000
    "I sleep for about 12 hours -- as long as I have half the day. And I also take frequent naps."

    --Nancy H. Park

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Originally published on April 30, 1998