Retailers get new locations

The retail landscape of University City continues to evolve, most recently with the announcements that two local merchants will make their way to new digs in the neighborhood.

University Copy Service, in Houston Hall, will move to St. Leonard's Court, 39th and Chestnut. The new store will open in May, according to co-owner Luerell Mapp.

"We are grateful to UCA [University City Associates, Penn's real estate subsidiary] for all their help with this move, and we look forward to continuing a long and productive relationship with the Penn community," Mapp said.

University Jewelers, now in the 3700 block of Walnut Street, will open in July, in the 3401 Walnut Street complex.

"After 62 years of service to the [Penn] campus and the community, we are pleased that we will continue to be located on the campus," said University Jewelers co-owner Fred Green.

Originally published on May 14, 1998