Summer goals

We were thinking summer fun, but the crowd on Locust Walk had other plans.

Kobie Xavier, College, Class of 2000
I want to work and take classes. My goal this summer is to get my Arts & Letters requirement fulfilled and also my History & Tradition requirement. I also want to gain experience on my own here in Philadelphia.

Jun Ishidoya, College, Class of 2000
I'm going to have an internship at an advertising agency. My job is as an account director, translating and taking care of accounts. So I guess my goal is to have a good experience, get to know New York City a lot more, and to spark my interest in advertising.

Hai Ton, SEAS, Class of 2001
Take some classes; get a job, earn some money. Maybe get some class requirements out of the way.

Regine Acluche, College, Class of 1998
I'm graduating, so basically to get a job and find a place to live.

Kelash Kumar, Wharton and SEAS, Class of 1998
I'm graduating, so I just want to travel around a lot and go see a lot of places.

Joyce Yang, SEAS, Class of 2001
I want to get some work experience and have fun. I'm also taking a class because I have to.

Liane Chinwala, Wharton and College, Class of 2001
I'm in the ISB [International Studies and Business] so I have to improve my language skills because one of our main goals is to be proficient in a language. So I'm doing a two-month immersion program in Middlebury, Vt., in the Spanish department.

Chung Lee, College, Class of 2000
I was trying to take a class, but now it looks like I'm trying to get a job and just work. This is after I go on a road trip with my friends.

Clifford Lou, College, Class of 1998
Take a break and then find a job probably somewhere in California. I have something set up with an agency there so I'll probably do that.

Seth Beaver, SEAS, Class of 2001
I'm working for Penn Fuel this summer as an intern, so I hope to make a good sum of money while at the same time gain valuable experience in the fuel industry.

Aleem Jivraj, Wharton, Class of 2001
To work, to see my friends, and to travel.

Andrew Wang, College, Class of 2001
Make money and get credit for a class.

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Originally published on May 14, 1998