Summer goals

We were thinking summer fun, but the crowd on Locust Walk had other plans.

  • Kobie Xavier, College, Class of 2000
    I want to work and take classes. My goal this summer is to get my Arts & Letters requirement fulfilled and also my History & Tradition requirement. I also want to gain experience on my own here in Philadelphia.

  • Jun Ishidoya, College, Class of 2000
    I'm going to have an internship at an advertising agency. My job is as an account director, translating and taking care of accounts. So I guess my goal is to have a good experience, get to know New York City a lot more, and to spark my interest in advertising.

  • Hai Ton, SEAS, Class of 2001
    Take some classes; get a job, earn some money. Maybe get some class requirements out of the way.

  • Regine Acluche, College, Class of 1998
    I'm graduating, so basically to get a job and find a place to live.

  • Kelash Kumar, Wharton and SEAS, Class of 1998
    I'm graduating, so I just want to travel around a lot and go see a lot of places.

  • Joyce Yang, SEAS, Class of 2001
    I want to get some work experience and have fun. I'm also taking a class because I have to.

  • Liane Chinwala, Wharton and College, Class of 2001
    I'm in the ISB [International Studies and Business] so I have to improve my language skills because one of our main goals is to be proficient in a language. So I'm doing a two-month immersion program in Middlebury, Vt., in the Spanish department.

  • Chung Lee, College, Class of 2000
    I was trying to take a class, but now it looks like I'm trying to get a job and just work. This is after I go on a road trip with my friends.

  • Clifford Lou, College, Class of 1998
    Take a break and then find a job probably somewhere in California. I have something set up with an agency there so I'll probably do that.

  • Seth Beaver, SEAS, Class of 2001
    I'm working for Penn Fuel this summer as an intern, so I hope to make a good sum of money while at the same time gain valuable experience in the fuel industry.

  • Aleem Jivraj, Wharton, Class of 2001
    To work, to see my friends, and to travel.

  • Andrew Wang, College, Class of 2001
    Make money and get credit for a class.

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Originally published on May 14, 1998