Hot time, summer in the city

Just what is hot about staying in Philadelphia, besides the pavement? Some of you were kind of cool to the idea. But more of you are staying here than negative addytoods suggest.

  • James Blumenthal, College, Class of 1999
    "The best reason to stay in Philly is that there is a good nightlife after you finish work."
  • Nikhil Da Victoria Lobo, Wharton, Class of 2001
    "The best reason to stay in Philly is probably summer school."

  • Jeremy Braddock, GAS, Class of 2004
    "The best reason to stay in your city over the summer is to find things in it that you didn't know existed."

  • Rob Fuller, Wharton, Class of 1999
    "I have a job here; that's the only reason."

  • Jasmine Gaillard, Wharton, Class of 2001
    "To stay away from your family, become more independent, and to have something to do other than watch TV."

  • David Kaiyalethe, Wharton, Class of 2001
    "Everyone needs some excitement for the summer. Staying in Philadelphia over the summer would be a punishment that no one should deserve."

  • Julie Stallard, Nursing, Class of 2000
    "There are more opportunities at Penn than in my hometown."

  • Caroline Wolfe, College, Class of 2000
    "I can only think of one good reason to stay in Philadelphia this summer and that would be if my friends were staying here too. Otherwise, if you are from a major city, Philadelphia is cool but it doesn't have much any other major metropolis is lacking."

  • Christina Perry, Nursing, Class of 2000
    "I'm not staying in Philly this summer because I am going home to see my family and boyfriend and friends. But if I did stay here, the best reason would be to network for job connections in the future. Get the experience now so in the future you can find a job easier. It's all about who you know."

  • Jih Eui Hong, College, Class of 2000
    "Go take summer school so I'd have less academic loads during the year since Penn is really sticky about taking summer school credits from other schools, especially when it's for a major or major-related."

  • Aki Peritz, College, Class of 2001
    "Stay in Philly? No reason. I hate this city."

    --Nathaniel Glasser

  • NEXT ISSUE -- Our reporter on Locust Walk left town for the summer, along with the students. The Current will see you in September.

Originally published on May 28, 1998