Parting glances from the Current

Photo by Candace diCarlo

We're feeling all mushy about our last issue of the semester. Okay, not as mushy as some (see left) about summer's arrival, but we're sort of sad. Well, not sad, exactly, but we're in a bad mood. All right, we can't wait for summer, too!

Looking back at our first semester's-worth of Pennsylvania Currents, we see a sea of faces and stories about the people behind the scenes at the University.

We set out to feature as many of you -- Penn's students, faculty and staff -- as possible in lively, personal features and that's pretty much what we did. It's been fun getting to know you and we hope you liked us.

Next semester, we'll be back telling more of your stories. So, don't be strangers. If you're a staff member with cool things happening in your life, give us a call! A student going above and beyond the call of academia? E-mail us! A faculty member or researcher doing great work? Send your stuff!

Your stories are what we're all about. See you in September.

-- Libby Rosof, John McCalla, Sandy Smith

Originally published on May 28, 1998