They finally made book: After months of delicate negotiations, the Pennsylvania Book Center has finally signed a lease that will keep the store on campus. Look for it to move to the eastern part of Sansom Common -- you've known it up to now as "The Shops at Penn" -- later this fall. Other smooth moves: Over the summer, Roses Florist and University Jewelers took up residence in the same complex; look for Auntie Anne's Pretzels to join them soon. University Copy Service is now at St. Leonard's Court at 3819 Chestnut St.

And speaking of name changes: "3401 Cafe" has also gone bye-bye. As of this month, the former Shops at Penn food court is called "Moravian Cafes at Sansom Common."

It's not even open yet, and the Inn at Penn already has its first event booked: this year's fabulous Beaux Arts Ball, the Foundation for Architecture benefit that attracts thousands -- and that's always held in a significant space under construction -- will take place Oct. 24 in the Sansom Common construction site. This year's theme: "Sites and Sounds of the Silver Screen: Shimmer on Sansom."

No off-the-wall gesture: Perelman Quad's first piece is now in place: the Bob and Penny Fox Student Art Gallery in Logan Hall, the gift of Trustee Bob Fox (C'52) and wife Penny (Ed'53). The gallery will be open to exhibits of work by Penn students; the Office of Student Life will coordinate display time and space.

Applause, applause: The Scotsman of Edinburgh had high praise for the Theater Arts Program's production at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The paper's drama critic gave Charles Busch's "The Lady in Question" three stars, calling it "entirely diverting." Campus audiences will get to see the show Sept. 17-19 at the Annenberg Center's Studio Theatre; it's also part of this year's Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

Like father, like son? The Class of 2002 includes among its ranks one Jesse Rendell, son of Mayor Ed Rendell. Is this a harbinger of a future political career?

Penn in ink: Physics professor and tennis maven Howard Brody offered his opinions about technological advances in tennis rackets in the Aug. 24 Time...Associate professor of history and Army brat Robert Engs reflected on how life in the newly-integrated Army shaped his own character in an op-ed essay in the July 30 Washington Post...and it was impossible not to run into comments from finance professor Jeremy "Stocks for the Long Run" Siegel during the recent spate of stock-market turbulence. He was quoted, or his work cited, in The Wall Street Journal Aug. 11, The New York Times Aug. 10, the Atlanta Journal Aug. 9, and Investor's Business Daily and The New York Times Aug. 8.

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Originally published on September 3, 1998