College House deans named

The new, comprehensive College House system is ready for its first year with appointments of 12 new house deans to provide administrative leadership and coordinate the delivery of academic services in the houses. They are listed in alphabetical order by house name:


The 12 new College House Deans: (back row, from left) Deborah Yarber, Anne Mickle, Roberta Stack, Sonia Elliott, David Shengold, Arthur Casciato; (front, from left) Tracy Feld, Jane Rogers, Katherine Becht, Rick Cameron, M. Krimo Bokreta, Leslie Delauter

  • Rick Cameron, Community House, a Ph.D. candidate in GSE's clinical child psychology program, he has been Program Director of the Arts Residential Program in Community House.

  • Sonia Elliott, W.E.B. DuBois College House, a long-time member of the Penn community, both as a student and working in the Office of Undergraduate Admission, she is working on two research projects on issues African-American university students face.

  • Jane Rogers, Wendy and Leonard Goldberg College House, has been an Assistant Dean for Residence at one of the first-year houses since 1990.

  • David Shengold, Gregory College House, working on a Ph.D. in Slavic Languages and Literatures from Berkeley, has been to Leningrad/St. Petersburg frequently on research and teaching exchange programs and has taught at Berkeley, Mount Holyoke College and Williams College.

  • Roberta Stack, Hamilton College House, expecting to complete her Ph.D. in English this year, has served as Faculty Fellow at Hill College House for the past three years.

  • Leslie Delauter, Harnwell College House, received a Ph.D. in English from Berkeley in 1997. Among her honors are two Mellon Dissertation Fellowships and a Library Company of Philadelphia Research Fellowship.

  • Arthur Casciato, Harrison College House, was one of the senior editors the University of Pennsylvania Press edition of the writings of Theodore Dreiser. He has also written on American culture in the 1930s and the literature of the Vietnam War.

  • Tracy Feld, Hill College House, a Penn alumna and a Thouron Fellow, has served as both Senior Administrative Fellow and Assistant Dean in Residence of Hill College House.

  • M. Krimo Bokreta, Kings Court/English College House, has been closely involved in residential housing, academic programs and student advising at Penn since 1985. As Assistant Dean for Residence at Kings Court/English House, he was instrumental in building four model living-learning programs there.

  • Deborah Yarber, Spruce College House, has served as Assistant Dean in Residence of Spruce College House since 1997. She is involved in the Penn Volunteers in Public Service Workplace mentoring program at the Turner and Shaw Middle Schools.

  • Anne Mickle, Stouffer College House, served as Director of Residence Life and Commuter Affairs at the University of Bridgeport and was Residence Director at the University of Massachusetts. Her dissertation topic is an analysis of the psychological development of college student-athletes.

  • Katherine Becht, Ware College House, has been Assistant Director of Student Affairs at SEAS, and is a member of the University Retention Committee convened to identify and establish support mechanisms for students at risk.

Besides the 12 deans, a director for the 21st Century College House program and the last of the faculty masters and fellows have also been named:


  • David Brownlee, Professor of the History of Art, has been appointed Director of the Office of College Houses and Academic Services. He has been involved in the creation of the comprehensive College House system, and is also the recently appointed Faculty Master of Harnwell College House.

Faculty Masters

(in alphabetical order)

  • Robert Lucid, Professor of English Emeritus, has been appointed Faculty Master of Gregory College House, where he will be joined by his wife, Joanne. He served for 17 years as Faculty Master of Hill College House and chaired the Collegiate Planning Board from which the idea for a comprehensive College House system at Penn originated.
  • Philip Nichols, Assistant Professor of Legal Studies at Wharton, will be the new Faculty Master of Stouffer College House. He has been the Faculty Fellow there for the past two years, where he lives with his wife, Amy, and their three sons, Tanner, Hilyard and Browning.
  • Kenwyn Smith, professor and an organizational psychologist who teaches in the School of Social Work, the Aresty Institute of Executive Education of the Wharton School and the Fels Center of Government, has been appointed Faculty Master of Ware College House, where he will be joined by his family -- wife Sara Corse, and children Justin, Philip and Kalila.

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Originally published on September 3, 1998