Students pick toughest classes

Chemistry is definitely the class that makes students' test tubes tremble. Then there's law school threat, accounting loathing and writing cramp. And of course some students can't wait to dig into the new semester.

YOUNG HWANGBO, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '01 I'm taking Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry, so it will be difficult for me. These two are known as killer classes. PATRICE LAKE, NURSING, CLASS OF '99 I'm dreading Care of the Middle-Aged Adult. It's supposed to be really hard. EVAN KARABELL, WHARTON, CLASS OF '01 I fear accounting. The first [accounting class I took] wasn't so great, so the second one can't be that great either. RANDY CHAO, WHARTON/ENGINEERING AND SCIENCE, CLASS OF '02 Calculus. I'm a freshman. I don't even know what it's like. UTPAL INAMDAR, LAW, CLASS OF '01 [Law school] - it's the Socratic method. Just being called on randomly, it's annoying. You fear going to class. JIM MORRISON, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '01 Chemistry. I took it in high school and I just hated it. HEATHER WILKE, NURSING, CLASS OF '01 Anatomy and Physiology. I've hear it's really hard. JONATHAN TSE, WHARTON, CLASS OF '02 My writing course. It sounds really intensive. LIZ TUNNEY, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '01 Guess I'm not dreading anything. I'm excited. I dread walking every day from High Rise East to David Rittenhouse Labs and getting to class by 9 [a.m.]. GREG ROBERTS, LAW, CLASS OF '01 I'm in law school. I'm frightened as hell, I guess. LIMING UENG, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '00 Orgo. What's that? Organic Chemistry. It's supposed to be really hard. WADE VANDEGRIFT, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '02 I'm excited for all of it. ADAM YANOFF, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '01 Everything I registered for looks pretty interesting. MATT KLEIN, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '00 I like my classes this semester. SHALMALEE KOTWAL, COLLEGE, CLASS OF '02 I don't know. I'm a freshman. Maybe chemistry.

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Originally published on September 17, 1998